Monday, March 22, 2010

Blue & Black Scrap Card

Happy Monday morning everyone!

It turned out to be a gorgeous, albeit cool weekend here in MN.  I'm telling ya, it's better than the alternative I heard the weatherman talking about earlier this week.  I'm fairly certain he mentioned the "s" word at least once or twice, and as far as I'm concerned, once it's officially spring, there is no "s" allowed anymore!  I think this week's weather calls for 50's, and that's just fine by me!

I made today's card at the end of January. The image, from PTI, was a "mistake"  I had stamped on a piece of polka dot textured designer paper a very long time ago and then threw in to my scrap drawer thinking someday, maybe, I would be able to salvage it into a card if I was ever so inclined.  Well, that day finally came.  I love blue with black, so this card was born.  All paper came from the scrap drawer.  Every last stitch of it!   I'm really not much of a blue person, but I'm loving how this one turned out!

Today is my busy at 645am, then staff meeting at 115p, then I get to work out with my personal trainer at 2p.  Before ya'll think I have a zillion dollars just waiting to throw at the feet of a personal trainer, know that I share her with another co-worker, so it's mighty affordable.  And its the only thing that gets me off my fat butt and working out.  She pushes me in a way I would never push myself!  When I'm by myself and it starts to hurt, I stop.  With Beth, she doesn't let me stop--she just pushes harder!  Sometimes I call her evil, but she finds that a term of endearment!!

I pray you have a wonderfully productive day today!



  1. I love the polka dots! Really cute card! Hope you're not too sore after all that working out today... we had more weird weather... you mentioned the "s" word... well, that's what we got. Really unbelievable after having 2 days in the high 70's that it would snow the next day!!! Supposed to start warming again - we shall see. Have a blessed day!

  2. This is beautiful Amy!!! Love this color combo together!

  3. Peggy S from Ohio8:33 AM

    Love the black and blue card! Have a great day!


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