Wednesday, March 24, 2010

10 Things You Might Not Know About Me

  • I use 7 different products on my hair every morning when I get ready.   I'd list them here, but I'm embarrassed to admit it!
  • I can't stand using a kleenex or paper towel that is ripped. I toss it in the garbage if that's what happens when I grab one.
  • I am a terrible housekeeper.  A great fear of mine is unexpectedly dying and having someone come into my home to pack up my things and have them mumble under their breath about what a slob I was.  You'd think this fear would make me do a better job keeping things clean, but I'm sorry to say that's not been the case!
  • I love to read, mostly meaningless, frivolous novels that I can get lost in.  Reading serious, depressing stories (like all of Oprah's book selections) is a waste of time, IMHO.
  • I love photography and am obsessed with trying to capture the emotion of any given situation.  
  • My parents are still married, my husbands parents were still married up until his mom died a few years ago, all my brothers are still married, and my hubby and I will celebrate 24 years next month!  Our parents set a wonderful example for us.
  • I don't like conflict, and I care about what people think of me. Vain, I know. 
  • I could eat pizza every day.
  • I am not much of an alcohol drinker.  I'd rather eat the calories!
  • I love to create beautiful things with my hands.
    I'm guessing you knew #10, but I just couldn't let the list go by without expressing it!  Hope you enjoyed getting to know me a little better today, have a wonderful day!!!



    1. jbalcer4:32 PM

      Dear Amy,
      I think I love you!

    2. thanks for sharing, amy! love this photo...does this mean spring has sprung in your neck of the woods?

    3. You're right, I didn't know those things about you... some pretty weird stuff there girl! (ok, just kidding!) We all have weird things!!!

    4. Thank you for sharing a bit of yourself Amy. I relate to several of those things - especially the housekeeping. I think it is impossible to be creative and a good housekeeper, so I am trying to convince myself that I am creative! Love the photo of coneflowers! I am out of the country for several months and very sad to have missed the first year of abundant peonies in my garden. However, I should be home in time to enjoy MY coneflowers - yeah!


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