Thursday, March 25, 2010

A Tip For You

Just a little tip for you today when you are using those beautiful sheets of designer paper.  Do you see that strip of pink paper at the top of my card?  That is actually the strip of contrasting color/pattern often found on double sided designer papers at the bottom of the sheet.  To me, it's way too pretty to throw away, I mean, come on--why not use every single piece of that paper that you can in order to maximize your dollars?  I usually just cut it off and throw it in my scrap drawer to use at a later date.  This pink was not a part of the blue polka dot paper, it was from other designer sheet.  The reason I used it on this card was because I cut my blue polka dot paper too short and needed something to fill in the space....genius, uh?

I absolutely adore this birdy stamp from SU!  It's part of a set called Of The Earth.  It's perfect for making simple, uncomplicated cards, which, you can see that my card is!

I couldn't let today go without sharing a picture I took yesterday of our poodle named Copper.  Copper will be 11 years old in May and is the love of our lives.  He's such a wonderful dog.  He was captured here sunning himself in front of the door yesterday afternoon.  He LOVES sunshine and if he sees some streaming through a window or door, he'll snuggle in for a snooze!

I am enjoying my morning off today, I think I'll try and craft a little bit before I go into work.

Doug has a phone interview for a job this afternoon, so keep us in your prayers.  There are a few full time opportunities in the works right now, so we are hopeful something will work out soon.  Your prayers would be greatly appreciated!  What a journey it's been for 2 years.  Never in a million years would I have expected him to be out of full time work for so long after he got let go.  A new job would put our anxious hearts at ease.

Hoping you have a glorious day.  Embrace it.


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