Thursday, February 04, 2010

Three Hours THAT!

Funny story last night. The hubby and son left about 6pm for church choir and I stayed home to languish in the peacefulness of our humble abode.

On the dining room table sits a very, very, very difficult puzzle that's been sitting there since Christmas break. I bought it so my boys and I could work on it together, you know, sharing some special one-on-one time over the holidays.

Well, Son #2 wasn't interested and/or swayed by the opportunity to hang with Mom, even though he says he loves me dearly. And Son #2 left to go back to college before it was complete. So it was up to me to see if I could finish the crazy puzzle myself. It's based on the book I SPY, and the puzzle has a million, gazillion, bajillion little beads and baubles on it. It has been a slow, piece-by-miserable-piece process figuring out where each piece was supposed to go in the puzzle. Seriously, I kid you not.

So anyways, they leave for church, and I sit down at the puzzle. A bit later, the phone rings and it's Son #2 calling to ask me to go onto the parent portal to check to see if his final grades are posted yet. Once I tell him that no, they are not, I check the time at the bottom of the computer and it says 8:48pm!!!!!!! Say what? It was almost 9 o'clock?!!!! Yikes, I was so in the zone trying to finish the puzzle I completely whittled away nearly three hours of my life! Putting a dang crazy puzzle together! As if I couldn't have been/shouldn't have been in my stamp room instead! That has NEVER happened to me before-I can honestly say I have never, ever completely lost track of time like I did last night! I was/am completely flabbergasted how that happened. Have any of you had something similar happen? I would love to hear about it if you did!

Lucky for you, that's not all I have to share today. Here's a card I made last weekend with my scraps. I've been crazy into card making using nothing but scraps and stuff I have never used before (like scrapbook letters). It feels so good to use up what I have instead of buying new. I just can't justify buying much new stuff since I'm not making cards as much as I did in the past.

And finally, last weekend I was a cooking dervish. I made braised short ribs (delish, from Simply Recipes), Pioneer Woman's buttered rosemary rolls baked in a cast iron skillet (amazing), and last but not least, Pioneer Woman's restaurant style salsa. Let me tell you, the salsa was absolutely delicious, easy, etc! Here's a picture of it once I had in my bowl alongside a few cheesy nacho's. My, oh my, oh my. I think I'm going to go have a bite of it right this very minute. It's almost lunch time, isn't it?????



  1. I made that recipe too!! It's so good!!! Enjoy!!

  2. Oh, Amy, I can lose that many hours easy peasy reading blogs! lol

  3. Your scrap cards are just the really have an eye for matching DP! and oh I saw that salsa on her looks so yummy!

  4. I made the rosemary rolls for the first time ever this week and my family loved them so much that I made them again a couple nights later. Aren't they yummy? I'll have to try her salsa.

    Your card is amazingly cute. I don't know of anyone but you who could do so much with scraps.

  5. That card is so cute. I like to find ways to use up every little bit of paper, too.
    Your meal sounds good, and the salsa looks delicious. :)

  6. Love the scrappy card! I made this delicious salsa last week too and it was so so good!!! Have a great week!

  7. amy, you are, hands down, the BEST scrap card maker I have ever seen. I have always loved your scrap stash Saturdays and have been consistantly amazed at what you create with your blind pulls. Also, that is amazing salsa. I was at the Ree Drummond's book signing here in OKC and it was delightful, and trust me: If you buy her cookbook, prepare to use a TON of butter and CREAM. lol Delish!


  8. I can totally forget time whem I am surfin' the web, or when I read a book! But it usually means you have fun, you know the sayings...
    I like the card you made, and I love that paper with the purple in it!


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