Friday, January 29, 2010


Today I'm going to take a cue from a talented woman who's blog I read regularly. Her name is Donna and this is her blog here, called Quiet Life. She is a very unassuming, kind, spiritual woman, and I find myself drawn to her inner beauty, as well as her photography. She started her day out today giving thanks. Don't get me started on my soapbox, but I am finding that I need to DO this for myself, merely for the fact that I can become so ungrateful and pouty so very easily when things aren't going my way. Sometimes I wish I could just slap myself! Enough said. Without further ado, here are the few things I'm thankful for today:

  • That little fluffy guy above. His name is Copper, and while sometimes he annoys me with his shrill bark or his bad breath, he still brings me great joy every day! Dogs love so unconditionally, don't they?
  • My job. It helps pay the mortgage, and for that, it's worth it!
  • Fluffy, warm sweatshirts. It's -6 this morning. Need I say more?
  • My hair stylist. Cuz she's gonna cut and color my hair today, which is in desperate need.
  • Fridays. I love the thought of two, consecutive days I can hunker down in the comfort of our home and do nothing if I want to.
Well, I hope you all have a great weekend. I am soooo happy to report I've made about 15 cards over the past two days! Do you know how longs it's been since I've been able to do that? Not because I didn't have the time, but because I didn't have the mojo! So thankful!!!!


  1. Nice photo of Copper! And 15 cards in 2, I can't do that. It seems you've found your mojo again. (or has it found you?)

  2. just wanted to say....I'm SO glad you are back!!!

  3. Hi! I hope you are not disheartened by the lack of comments! I, for one, check your blog every day. I just never post because 1) I'm in a rush quickly checking the blogs I follow and then getting off the computer and 2) you don't allow anonymouse posts so I have to figure out my blogger password, etc. (I personally don't time) to log in.

    Miss your work...please post soon!!

  4. That is an adorable picture of your dog. I love the background lighting.

  5. Love that sweet pup and what a great pic! 15 cards? A M A Z I N G.

    nuff said.


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