Friday, January 22, 2010


Happy Friday! It's here at last!

I'm happy to report that all went well with Mr. Eric's wisdom teeth, he came through it with flying colors. I can rest easy now that all will be well when he heads back to school this weekend, after a 5 week break!

So what's new in your lives? Are you enjoying a more relaxed way of life now that the holidays are behind us? I can vouch that I sure am glad life is back to normal. There's something about a sense of routine that keeps me calm.

Once Eric heads back, it will be a lot quieter and calmer around here too. I'm amazed at the mess that kid makes everywhere he goes! That's one thing I won't miss when he leaves, LOL! He is starting a new semester, which is a very good thing. While he had a good time first semester (socially), his final grades left much to be desired. He will be on academic probation this semester, unfortunately. I'm surprised I'm as calm about it as I am. I think I'm finally coming to the realization that his motivation (or lack thereof) is his responsibility and not mine anymore. I can provide encouragement and love, but the will to succeed needs to come from within himself. He's going to have to learn to push himself, discipline himself. He knows that if he doesn't bring his grades up to a level acceptable to the university, he will be put on academic suspension. That means he will be living at home next year and going to the community college. Trust me, he does NOT want to stay home and go to the community college!!! He knows the stakes at hand. He knows what he has to do. All I can do from this point on is pray. Have any of you been through this same situation? If so, I would love to hear how you handled it.

Well, I think I'm going to try and get a card made before I head out to shop. The MN Vikings are in the NFC Championship game this weekend, so I want to look for some shirts for the boys. And after that, we are heading to my holiday work party, which in fact is going country skiing, ugh!!! This girl is NOT an avid outdoors person, that is a fact. I had to put out an all points FB bulletin looking for snow pants, etc cuz I just don't have any, even though I live in MN! After the skiing, we will be heading to the home of Dr. Tom, our fearless leader. It will be a fun night. Tomorrow my mom and SIL's are going out for lunch to celebrate my mom's 76th birthday and one of my SIL's 50th birthday! I can't wait to see my mom because she is sooooo sad this week. Her six month old kitty died in her lap this week of a rare illness. She is heartbroken, which breaks my heart. I hope I can cheer her up!!!



  1. Love, love the happy colors! What an awesome design! Good to see you back, Amy!

  2. I'm soooooo happy to see you back Amy! Your blog is bookmarked again and right at the top of the list. Your mojo is back - great cards.
    Doris :)

  3. Your card is so pretty, Amy!! I love the colors, patterns, and the cute pom pom trim! So glad to see you back!! Hugs!!

  4. Welcome back, Amy! I didn't realize you were blogging again until I saw a link to your blog on another blog. I had to read everything and get caught up on your life. How sad about your mom's kitty:( Great card!

  5. Like your card alot!! I have that stamp set and love it. (I'm guessing it's the same) I wish I could find a punch that would fit the quilt squares that has a handle. Do you know of one out there? Just thought I'd check...Thanks!! I'd say you have your mojo back!!!

  6. Really pretty card and great to have you back. I checked my link to your blog by chance and realised I had missed a month of you being back! I love your honesty so thank you for coming back, sharing your creations and your life. Take care Janine

  7. this is fabulous! it's so cold here that i'm wishing for a quilt in bright pink and lime green!

  8. Love this card Amy!!!


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