Friday, February 26, 2010

Fix It Friday

Remember that photography website I told you about the other day?  I Heart Faces?  Well, today is Fix It Friday, which is where you can edit a photograph they give you in any way you like using your photo editing software.  It was such a fun photo today so I decided to play along!

Here is the original shot....

And here is my version, edited using Photshop Elements 7.0!

Doesn't isolating the color to just her dress really make the photo pop???  I love how it turned out!  Not only is it fun to participate in challenges like this, it really helps fine-tune your editing skills.  I am hoping it gets me more familiar with and proficient in PSE 7.0.

So sorry I don't have a card for you today.  I need to get some photos taken of the cards I have managed to make this week....the good news is I've been creating, the bad news is I haven't been photographing anything!  Hopefully, since I don't work tomorrow (can I hear a collective YAY! from the audience??), I can craft AND photograph this weekend!  

Here's hoping you have a wonderfully joyous weekend to unwind, enjoy your family, and do something creative!



  1. Cool selective coloring!

  2. Anonymous12:16 AM

    It is cool, and it really does pop, but I actually like some aspects of the first better. I think you can see the expression in her eyes and her cute little cheeks/face better. :) Have a great weekend.


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