Tuesday, February 23, 2010

The Hands Have It

I was surfing the internet the other day and came across a blog called I Heart Faces Photography.  It's a photography site that's dedicated to everything FACES!  They hold weekly challenges but this week they switched it up a bit and instead of having us take pictures of faces, they want us to photograph hands instead!  

Seeing as I live in a household full of male creatures great and small, my attempt at photographing hands this afternoon did not go as well as I had hoped!  Jeepers, can no one work with me here?  My hubby was trying, but his staged hand poses were dorky!  And Youngest Son's hands were a mess, as he uses them as his daily planner, writing his homework on them so he doesn't forget it!  Ahhh, why didn't his parents teach him they actually MAKE daily planners you can write in with a pen or pencil--oh wait, I DID teach him about daily planners--he just decided they don't work and he thinks that writing on his hands works much better for him!  Grrrrr.......

So, I had to search through the 10,000 pictures I've already taken to see if I could find some cool ones that contain hands!  Here are a few that I found that fit the bill perfectly.  I don't think I'll get around to uploading any of them for this weeks challenge, but rest assured, I WILL be participating in future challenges.  It is my goal this year to step up my commitment to improving as an amatuer photographer, maybe even taking even further and taking some classes at a local college.  That's a stretch, but I tell ya, I'm giving it some serious thought.  I love, love, love taking pictures and want to create a future for myself in this field.  

So let's get started!  This fun b & w shot is of Vinny, the resident dog up at COP (Cathedral of the Pines).  He's an absolutely gorgeous golden retriever who loves to fetch his sticks.  I'm not sure whose hand this is that I captured ready and willing to play along, but I loved it!

This lip smacking photo was taken at the end of January at Dr. Tom's home.  We had
 our Christmas party there and we made pizzas in their brick fireplace pizza oven!  Yes, they have a pizza oven in their home and it is beautiful!  We had such a great time, and the pizzas were delicious!  Every couple got to make their own, and as you can see, they had every topping known to mankind for us to use!

Finally, I took this last shot of the chalk board pantry door in Dr. Tom's kitchen because it showcases the important rules the family lives by daily. I think this is my co-worker Jeff's hand pointing at the most important rule of all when you have a household full of four children...OBEY!  This wasn't a planned shot, I just got lucky!  

I'm glad I got to share with you today some of my favorite photos.  I plan on doing this on a weekly basis, since photography is so much a part of of who I am.  I feel this is something I really want to pursue in greater capacity!

Have a wonderful day, and don't forget to follow Rule #7...be thankful!



  1. i like these pics, but since you mentioned #2 son's hands with notes about homework scribbled on them--and who of us hasn't done that at some point or other--i'm curious to see that! i think it would make a great subject...

    good for you for committing yourself to doing something you love, even if you were able to participate by culling through old pics!

  2. Very cool! I am off to check out their website too! I love looking and getting ideas for pictures!

  3. Anonymous3:01 PM

    You should take pics of your youngest hands. Someday - he will be using that planner and you'll say, "remember when you wrote on your hands." Denial, but with a pic you'll have proof! Thanks for posting again - I missed you in your absence! janet d.


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