Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Mildly Tart Lemonade and a Comfy Couch

Now you probably thinking, why is Amy so obsessed with this crazy lemonade line and those silly couches and chairs?

I can't exactly put into words WHY I love these two products so much right now other than they both make me feel happy! Colorful fun paper has always had an effect on me, and as far as the stamps? I don't know, I just find them so simple to use...I don't have to think alot about how to get started with them...they sort of speak for themselves. And the couches and chairs represent all that I love and strive for in my own home....comfort and coziness. I have my own great big comfy chair and ottoman in my livingroom that I often fall into at the end of a very long day. You won't find anything fussy when you walk into my home. Everything is meant to be sat on and lived in. That's what Lisa's couches say to me. And the sentiments she included in her set are so real...nothing corny or canned (ok, so maybe "I
chair-ish your friendship" is a little corny and canned!). Her sentiments are really part of our everyday vocabulary....let's get together....time to relax.....let's chat!....it's time for some girl talk....see what I mean? Real words for real people. That's what I am. No fuss, all comfort. Just real. At least I try to be;)!

So there. I hope you now have a clearer idea about why I love Lisa's On My Couch set so much. It's just so easy to play with! I hope maybe someday you get a chance to play with it too!

Have a great day!


  1. good to hear your voice again yesterday and today! i can understand why you feel happy when you're crafting with these tools, so don't feel like you have to explain.

    cyber hugs! share how #1 son is feeling about going off to school, if time permits and you feel like it. miss the family updates.

    thanks for spreadin' some sunshine by being you!

  2. I love love this card, the colors are beautiful and the layout is so great!!!


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