Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Lemons and Couches, Oh My!!!

Now, I have to be totally honest and tell you that this card is not an original design!!! Nope, it was inspired by the amazing Debbie Olson, a stamper I've long admired. Typically, I don't blog cards that I've cased, but this particular card was an exception, I must say.

Can you stand how cute it is? And what makes it cute is not ME, but the PAPER!! Basic Grey Lemonade collection. The chairs, uber adorable, are actually cut out from papers by Bo Bunny (the chair on the left...BLUSH DOT), and Piggytales (the chair on the right, Cinderella Collection). Can you believe how simple this card is, but how amazingly impactful it is at the same time? I've decided I want a pink and green chair in my living room. It might be a tough sell with the hubby, but maybe if I cry and pout long enough and loud enough, he'll eventually break down in surrender!
Besides couches, Lisa's On My Couch set includes some chairs too. And some pillows, and some pictures, and some coffee cups, and some books, etc! She thought of everything, seriously. I think she needs to have another add-on set though, next time, that includes an ottoman, and a bowl of popcorn, and some balls of yarn and knitting needles, and a book that can sit on the arm of the chair, and a clock, and.....Lisa...are you reading this? Nudge, nudge...write these ideas down if you are!!!!


  1. I just love this cars. It is so cheerful and amusing with this sentiment. There really nothing more comforting than a stuffed couch or chair.

  2. I love this new set of stamps! Mine hasn't seen ink yet but will very soon. And I really want to buy some of the lemonade paper!!


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