Saturday, July 18, 2009

Scrap Stash Saturday

A few weeks ago I was bored making cards and decided that I wanted to make something other than a card for a change. I wanted to offer something a little different to my customers besides cards, so I thought I'd make some tags that can be put on a bottle of wine that is being given to someone as a gift. A wine tag if you will, lol!

Here are the first two I made....quite scrappy, aren't they? Although they don't qualify as Scrap Stash Saturday card (because they don't contain three or more scraps), they are made completely with scrap paper, just not that many (and I didn't blindly pick out the paper either) all at once!

The first tag is for someone celebrating an anniversary. The big rectangle underneath the heart is in actuality a piece of fabric that I purchased recently that I absolutely love! I'm on a polka dot craze lately, which you can tell by the three papers I chose for the tag. The button is vintage flea market.

The second wine tag is for someone just moving into a new home! I cut a sweet little scrap of paper with my pinking shears, and then I added a few more vintage buttons right down the center of the tag. I found the trim at a fabulous little store near me that I was shopping at a few weeks ago. Same place I bought the fabric in the Anniversary wine tag, actually!

So, are you wondering about my card for Scrap Stash Saturday? I'm sure you are beginning to figure out that instead of a card for SSS I made a wine tag instead! Genius!

I did actually take a picture of the three papers I blindly picked out of my scrap drawer, but somehow I must have deleted it in my PSE organizer;(. So, you'll just have to trust me when I say there are three mismatched papers on this tag.....the first is the most obvious paper, the burgandy and gold striped. The second paper was a distressed orange paper, which is the paper all along the outside of the tag, cut with pinking shears (and the flower too). The third paper was a teal/aqua color with some orange and white flowers. I used that to make the die cut leaves for the flower, a strip underneath the flower, and I also used it in the center of the flower as well. Since there was already so much gold/orange from the other two papers, I used aqua foam letters to bring out the teal/aqua paper. After all the flowers/letters were on the tag, it still needed a little somethin-somethin, so I added the white pom-pom trim at the bottom. That helped alot!

Well, I hoped you enjoyed coming here today and seeing something a little out of the ordinary! It's nice to try something new for a change. I worked 6 days this week, including this morning, so tonight and tomorrow I plan on relaxing a bit. It's SOOOOO cold here, so no laying out in the sun (not that I do that anyways). It might be a good day to stamp.....!!!!


  1. Anonymous3:57 PM

    Love the tags. Wonder if anybody puts a tag on a gift bottle of perfume? Could make a lovely tag for that as inspiration.

  2. Very nice work, Amy! Gosh, you must have found some time to get into your stamp room and go to town, girl!

    Love this idea and these tags. :)


  3. These are great Amy, Love them!!

  4. These are alllllll so cute!!!

  5. The tags are wonderful, Amy. You amaze me with how well you can think outside the box when it comes to the mismatched colors and papers. I'm in awe!

  6. Oh my Amy all of these tags are just beautiful!! I am also in awe of you Amy, I just can't believe how you put those papers together like that, Amazing!!


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