Thursday, July 16, 2009


Um, who stole 10 days from me just now?

I could have sworn I just blogged a few days ago! But according to my post log, it's been since July 6th since I last wrote. So much for good intentions.

Since then, I've marched in a parade (the Lakeville Pan-a-Prog parade) with the folks from my office, and celebrated the 18th birthday of my oldest son! Wow! We've successfully raised him to adulthood! Woo-hoo! Now it's his turn to continue the journey. I wish him all the best, he's such a terrific kid.

I don't remember exactly when, but over the past 10 days, I did manage to create a few cards, and then actually get a photo or two taken of them. One of my favorite PTI sets is called Friends and is the one I used on today's card. It makes it so simple to create a beautiful card. You can stamp it alone on a piece of cardstock in fun colors, or, you can stamp it on designer paper and paper piece it. I utilized both techniques on this card. Isn't it fun and bright and happy looking?

So what's new with all of you? Are you having a great summer? Is anyone getting some stamping done? It's so hard to stamp in the summer time, isn't it? We've been enjoying many meals out on our deck in the early evening. Last night we had some pasta out there and sang Happy Birthday to our son one day late. On his actual birthday (Tuesday), he was with friends all day and we didn't have any time together to celebrate. We are also wrapping up baseball season.....last night was our first playoff game and the boys won, yea! Doug's been working every day at WCCO-AM for the past two months, filling in for someone that lost their job. He has to get up at 345am to be at the station for the start of the morning show (5a). While it's a job, and we are blessed he's working part time, he's highly, highly over qualified for what he's doing, and it's driving him crazy! The bad part of working that early in the morning is that you have to go to bed so early in the evening. It's been an adjustment for me because I always went to bed early and then read for a while before sleeping. Now I can't do that anymore because he's already in there sleeping by the time I would normally go to bed. He works a later shift today so I got to read my precious magazine in bed last night like old days, woo-hoo!

Well, I hope you are having a great day. I will be back for Scrap Stash Saturday this week. Last weekend I missed it because I had to work all day. Be ready for something different!



  1. LOVE the card!!! This would make anyone's day! Sounds as if your summer is flying by as fast as mine. We're building a deck over our former swimming pool & working in the heat is really draining all our energy... but it will be nice when it's finished! Of course it had to be 2 story (what a view we'll have!) Just got the last of the trusses up this morning & are now crashed in the coolness of the AC. Supposed to reach 109 here again today! Hope your weather is cooler.

  2. Beautiful card!! I love this set myself and just got it out again.
    Summer heat does make it a little hard to create but I have been trying.

  3. hey! i know; time keeps on slippin' slippin' slippin' into the future!

    great to hear what has been going on. wonderful cheery card too.

    i can relate to doug's schedule. i've been working the opening shift at starbucks this summer, and 3:45 is when i have to rise, so by 8:30 or 9p, i'm OUT! it has messed with our family time too, but it's only for a season.

    looking forward to seeing the magic you'll work saturday!

  4. Gorgeous card Amy, I love the bright beautiful colors! Sounds like you have been enjoying your summer so far, good for you =) We have had so much rain that it has made it a little harder here to enjoy the outdoors. Yesterday I took my kids to the zoo, then in the afternoon we were racing to the car in a rain storm, by the time we got to the car our clothes were soaked right through.......unfortunately that is also when I found out that the capris I was wearing became see through when wet :) Good thing we were headed for home.

  5. Totally fabulous, Amy! This set is on its way to me...I can't wait to play with it! Love what you did.

  6. Beautiful card. I never remember to stamp on designer paper - thanks for the reminder! I don't know who PTI is - can you clarify?
    Thanks Amy!


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