Saturday, November 08, 2008

Never Give Up

Today I was going to show you before and after pictures of my stamp room, but my PSE isn't recognizing my camera this morning. So I had to reboot the computer and recharge my battery before I can try again. Looks like you'll see my stamp room later this week.

Or just maybe I'll upload those pictures later on today to my new Paper Craft Planet page! Have you mosied on over to Paper Craft Planet yet? In the unlikely case you haven't heard about it, PCP is an online community for paper crafters, similar to Facebook for young adults. Click here to view my new page! You can invite other people to be your friends, you can upload your cards onto your site, and you can send comments to all of your friends! It's pretty cool. I'm not sure who started it, but it was some big people in the blogging world, I think. Please come visit my page and get a page set up for yourself right away!
If you are already a member of PCP, please let me know so I can invite you to be my friend....

Well, about the card. I made this to send to one of my nephew's who is having a rough time of it lately. Growing gets rough sometimes, doesn't it? The card is made totally from scraps from the scrap drawer. And, I used a stamp that I haven't used in like, forever. You can barely see it, but if you look closely at the tag, I stamped just a portion of an image that are the feet of a guy walking. Strange description, I know. Hard to explain. But I wanted to convey to my nephew to keep moving forward (thus the walkng feet) and to "never, never give up". It looks so much cooler IRL. The sentiment in the lower right corner is from the Verve set called Here For You. I need to get this baby in the mail for him this week.

Today is another lazy day, yippee! I don't even want to venture outside because it's windy and cold today. I think winter is just about here. So much for getting the Christmas lights up before it got cold. Have you ever put Christmas lights up in freezing cold weather? It isn't fun, trust me. We might have to just forego lights this year if it doesn't warm up a bit!

Have a great Saturday!


  1. Awesome card, Amy! You are really on a creative roll lately.

    I've thought about joining PCP, but think I'd be cutting into my craft time by adding another thing on the computer. If everyone gives up their blogs I guess I'll have to join, but I would sure miss the blogs. (Can you hear a person who is slow to change? lol)
    BTW, your page loooks great.

    And your craft room didn't look too bad even before you cleaned it. Now it looks fabulous.

  2. gorgeous! Love the colours!

    There is a guessing game on my blog. Please come and play!
    You can invite others too!
    VIBGYOR Krafts

  3. I think your nephew will love this card! I love it! The layout and papers are fabulous! Great sentiments!

  4. HI Amy -- I'm a part of Paper Craft Planet and would love for you to invite me to be your friend -- my email address is:


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