Sunday, November 09, 2008

Need Some Help!

Ok, first things first. I need your help!

The Cathedral Choir at church (the high school choir my boys sing in at church) is having both a live and silent auction in a few weeks to raise money for their trip in March to St. Petersburg, FL. Each student is required to provide an item for the auction with a value of at least $25.

I am giving away a bunch of handmade cards geared toward friendship/girlfriends. I am hemming and hawing about how to package the cards for the coolest presentation. I could just do a basket, but I want to do something more fun than that. Something that screams "girlfriends". And, I want to have a fun name for the basket too so I can make a cool tag for it.

Does anyone have a brilliant idea for me? I know I can count on you guys for your creative expertise. I'm just drawing a blank on this one. Please leave me a comment with some ideas, ok? I'm desperate!

Now on to my card for today. I made this card for the first ever PCP (Paper Craft Planet) Sketch Challenge. I can hardly believe I actually participated in a challenge...I typically don't do stuff like that. But I was in the mood, so I went for it. For the most part, I love this card, but I think that has more to do with the paper than with the stamps I chose. The clock face image came from a little Heidi Swapp stamp set that I bought at Archiver's the other day. It was only $5 bucks. The problem is the stamps don't stamp clean and crisp, so I guess I got my money's worth, lol. The image looks ok in this picture, but IRL, you wouldn't be pleased with the look. Trust me.

There is only one thing wrong with this card, however, and if you leave me a comment with your guess on what that is, you could win blog candy! I never give away blog candy (well, hardly ever)! But as I was cleaning my stamp room this weekend, I found some duplicate items that I need to pass on to someone who really needs them. And I figured a blog candy giveaway was the perfect way to do that. Unfortunately, I don't have a picture of the items (I'll try to remember to take one tomorrow), but it includes a Copic Marker (D49, Dark Brown), a JustRite 2X Stamper (they sent me two in my prize basket a while back), and a set of JustRite alphabet stampers (again, a duplicate). I think I'll even throw in a copy of the September 08 CARD magazine, in which I am published. Maybe I'll even autograph it for you, bwahahahaha!!! Kidding.

So leave me a comment ON THIS POST with your guess on what's wrong with this card before midnight Tuesday, November 11th and I'll announce a winner on Wednedsday. Sorry, but this giveaway is open only to US/Canadian residents. I'm too poor to send international:).

Have a super Sunday. We'll see you next week sometime.


  1. I don't know if you did this wrong on purpose because it makes you laugh, but the clock face is stamped so that the numbers aren't oriented correctly. I don't care--love the card!!! Congrats on getting your job--hope it is going well.
    Cheryl Sims

  2. Sorry but I am not very good at original ideas so I can't help with your 'girlfriends' card basket.

    Now about the card ... I did notice that the clock face on the card has the numbers at the wrong places - a quarter turn clockwise would fix that. With it being in Roman numerals, the recipient may not even notice.

    I subscribe to your blog on Google Reader and love your creativity. Thanks for sharing it with us.

  3. Amy, you silly girl, your clock is not right, your noon is at 9, lol.
    As for your package, how about putting in some inexpensive items like bubble bath, nail polish, chocolates, ect. Target usually has some great things in their dollar section.

  4. Love the card.. however, I think the numbers on the clock aren't in the right position.. maybe??

  5. Well, as far as I see: it is a strange clock... normaly I would expect the 12 at the top! But I like the card anyway!

  6. Oh I'm bad with these kinds of ideas - what about a paint can, or a metal ice bucket? I love your card! I think the only thing is that the clock face is not traditionally rotated. Thanks so much!!

  7. Anonymous7:24 AM

    It's still cute but your clock needs to be turned 45 degrees to the right so that the 12 is on top and not at the 9 o'clock position.
    Love your blog and thanks for a chance at some blog candy!

  8. The clock is not in the right position...but no matter, it's a really cute card!

  9. I agree with you about the stamps, I have that set and they are kind of blurry, especially if you press too hard. You are too hard on yourself about the card - it's really pretty, but what I see that's wrong is that on the top layer of scallops, all of the scallops have white dots except the bottom four. That's probably intentional, but it's the thing that jumped out at me! Otherwise it's lovely! Thanks, Becky G.

  10. This is a great card, Amy! I wish I had a couple suggestions for your card packaging, but I'm not very creative that way. I'm sure you'll get lots of suggestions and come up with something amazing.

    Do you mean that the thing that's wrong with your card is that the XII is not at the top of your clock? :)

    Have a great day, and I wish you continued happiness at your job.

  11. Hi Amy,
    The first thing that came to mind when you mentioned the basket was "Basket of Blessings" and you could put a little description about sending out these cards to the people who bless your life daily. Now that I type it out, it sounds a little corny.

    The clock is not oriented with the XII at the top and it also looks like you are missing a couple white dots in the center of some of your scallops.

    Have a great day!!

  12. Barb Y.8:15 AM

    Hey, girlfriend- the roman numerals are in the wrong places!! At first I thought-why would she have the time set at 11:45?? so maybe the 'big and small' hands were in the wrong spot. then I saw the odd numbers. Other than that- way cute!! Barb Y.

  13. Anonymous8:21 AM

    Hey Amy! I LOVE how you combine various colors and it comes out awesome...still working on "letting go" myself! I had to enlarge your card to see what was "wrong" and it's the position of your clock...the III is in the the position where the XII should be...a 45% error my dear...not so bad! And's goes with the saying, doesn't it??? "Take time to LAUGH!"...nothing wrong with it after all. Thanks, hon!

    Mary L.

  14. Hi Amy;

    How about putting your cards in a paper purse box? I've seen a few on Splitcoast Stampers. Just use purse as your keyword and you'll come up with all kinds of them in the gallery.

    I think your card is really cute. I didn't notice right away that your clock face was turned. (That's something I would do and it would be the last thing I glued on too!) I only "caught" it when you said that there was something wrong.

    Thanks for sharing!

  15. Kathi8:47 AM

    The numbers on clock need to be rotated 1/4 turn to the right so they'll be in correct position.

  16. this is a very pretty card, but your clock face is turned the wrong way! Thanks for sharing :)

  17. If you hadn't mentioned it, I wouldn't have noticed. But... the numbers are in the wrong position. It sure is a great card anyway! Thanks for sharing! Have a good second week at your new job!

  18. Your card is beautiful but I noticed that the clock is not lined up with the 12 at the top (those darn Roman Numbers!). LOL!! :-)

    As for the auction I just finished our school auction yesterday. Good luck! What about "Girls Just Wanna Have Fun" or "BFF Memories". You can go to our school and see the catalog and pictures from last year by going to www dot scacrusaders dot com.


  19. Hi Amy,

    I feel like I am "cheating" since so many people answered already. In my defense, I knew that would be the case so I looked closely to find the "mistake" before entering comments. I found the clock numbers being in the wrong places. I agree with everyone else though that the card is wonderful anyhow.

    I'm not the most creative person, so hopefully you'll get a better idea, but for the basket, how about using 4 envelopes glued together to form a box? I just did this with my new "Hot Shot" scalloped envelop die. It would be too small for your cards (which, I assume, are full size) but you could do it with regular envelopes - just stamp them up or decorate with some of your extra scrap paper, scallop the edges, etc. I have no doubt you could make it beautiful!

  20. LOL! you're silly! The clock face is not right! I noticed it when I was viewing your Paper Craft Planet page. Love your craft room!

  21. The clock numberes definitely don't match----it's a great card though. I like the use of a clock on it. The sentiment is good too.

  22. The first thing I noticed is the clock face it not oriented with 12 at the top.

    Beate mentioned a tutorial for a card box and had a sample on her blog. She created the box and tied it up with a bow. It was very pretty and would make a great presentation. You can always tie up some extra cards that don't fit in the box as an extra item.


  23. I am at a loss. I am not too good at original ideas. I love this card. The colors are great. I see that the outside clock face is actually turned back a quarter turn:)

  24. I never win blog candy, but I'll have a go. :) First, same as all the others, your clock is offset. As for a way to present your cards, how about one of those cute purse boxes you see on lots of blogs?

  25. Linda M12:21 PM

    First of all I must say that I love the card! Your clock face was just a *tiny* bit rotated however, and the roman numerals are not in the correct position.

    As far as your auction donation, what about a sort of 'There's Nothing Like Your Girlfriends" theme---you could do cards along with materials for an "evening in" together or a "Keeping in Touch" theme with your cards including cute pens, postage stamps, one of those (of course, hand stamped) card holder/calendar thingies (oh heck, what is that called) where you have each month with the dates and can record birthdays, anniversaries, occasions etc to remind yourself to send out cards.

    Thanks for the opportunity to win some blog candy~

  26. janet d.1:10 PM

    Amy, you should not point out your mistakes! I wouldn't have noticed otherwise, but I believe the clock number positions are in the wrong place. I would not mind AT ALL if this showed up in my mailbox!

    Packaging, basket covered (instead of cellophane) with PINK tulle. The basket should be made of something blingy (metal and sparkly). In fact, I've got one in my basement you're welcome to!
    janet dowells1357 at sbcglobal dot net

  27. The clock numbers aren't matching up! I always love the colors you use to make your cards!!

  28. The numbers are in the wrong location. I don't think I would have noticed if you hadn't asked us to look so closely. It's a great card anyway!

  29. Even I figured out what was "wrong" with this card!! The numbers on the clock aren't in the proper position. :-)

    I don't have any good ideas on packaging your girlfriend card items, but I will share that one time I made a coffee-themed card basket and instead of using a basket, I found a pot that was in the shape of a coffee/tea mug and used that instead. I thought it rocked! :-)

  30. Cute card, but the position of the clock is off....still hardly noticable!
    For the gift card/basket idea, I have done something similar and used a small feather boa (you can buy these cheap at a Party America store or Target/Wal-Mart) as the 'filler' and maybe a small bottle of wine (or sparkling juice) and a wine glass.

  31. How about putting your cards in a 'babe bag' or 'buddy bag'. I am sure you can create something with card.

  32. Anonymous3:23 PM

    Your clock is turned 270 degrees too far to the right. (Can you tell I'm a Geometry teacher?)You need to turn it so that that 12 is at the top!

  33. I love your card, but I can't tell what time it is! The clock face is a little mixed up. The numbers are in the wrong place!

  34. I am sorry to hear about the stamp quality, as I also recently purchased that stamp. However, your hand orientation on the clock is incorrect...and in the scope of things, many people would be happy to receve your card and its timely sentiment.

  35. First things first...Since you have a sewing machine, it would be easy to whip up a drawstring bag to put the cards in. For the material, I'm thinking of some bags I saw last Christmas that were made of a very lightweight, sheer, and shimmery fabric. I specifically remember gold and silver bags. Since the fabric would be sheer, the bidder would be able to at least peek at the top card.

    Now, as far as the card in the picture... the III is where the XII is supposed to be. That's funny!

    Have a great day! Thanks for all the smiles you put on my face!

  36. You've got guts asking what's wrong with a card. I'd definitely be afraid to ask that about one of my cards. Anyway, the clock has 3 o'clock at the top. HaHa. Gorgeous card by the way. How about a purse shaped box to hold your prize cards?

  37. Anonymous4:37 PM

    Amy, instead of a basket you might use a small handbag (you know how girls love em', or a cosmetics case, or even some slippers...
    Cards are still looking great!
    Hugs, Chrissy

  38. what's scary is that you had to point this out before i noticed that the 12 was at the 9 o'clock position!

    as for packaging the cards, i'd go with clear envelopes so that the cards can be pawed over without being damaged. SU! sells these...50 for something like $6.

    as far as cute packaging is concerned, do you have anything that would simulate a cornucopia? you could have the cards spill out of it, and say something about sharing the blessing of friendship. i'm not real good at this aspect of marketing cards, so i hope someone else will help you.

  39. Ack, your clock is not positioned correctly! The 3 is where the 12 should be. Don't ya hate when you do something like that? I know I do.

  40. Oops.. The clock has 3:00 at the twelve position on the clock.
    Now as for your packaging...
    what about a Buddy Care Package. It might include a group of cards for occasions: birthday, new baby, anniversary, sympathy,thinking of you,thank you.What about adding a group of small gift enclosure cards to help pull a last minute gift together.
    And including a bag of something like Dove candies or Hugs and Kisses will satisfy those sweet taste buds.
    I have to create a card gift package this week for our silent auction at the church bazaar. I plan on putting it into a basket and enclosing it in tulle.I am tying it up with a satin bow.
    I would love to see how your turns out!

  41. I see two problems. The numbers on the clock face don't start with the 12 at the top. The numbers on the right half of the outer dial are facing inward, rather than outward.

    Reguardless, it's a beautiful card.

    Have you tried seasoning the new stamp set with an eraser? I find that helps with sets that don't stamps well.

  42. Anonymous7:32 PM

    hehehe, I love the layout of the card. I noticed that the clock is postitioned wrong :) I actually like it that way tho, it gives it a certain type of coolness :)


  43. Hey =) happy Sunday..
    I think it's the bottom 4 scallops on the top layer of black aren't "dotted."
    Haha...did that make sense?
    D =)

  44. Love the card :) The clocks face is off 45 degrees. I think it gives it charater :)

    For an idea for your cards, I was thinking a basket or some type of tin. I hope that helps.

  45. Susan Sandmeyer9:11 PM

    Well the clock face numbers are off.
    For the auction you could put it in a make-up bag, with some glittery gel pens.

  46. Yep, my clock has XII at the top! LOL

  47. Anonymous10:39 PM

    Howdy! I'm all for making lunchtime come faster, but noon at 9 AM?!? HA HA!! I'd have to get up awful early for breakfast! HA HA!! Deborah in TX

  48. The clock is not stamped so that the twelvth hour is pointing upright towards the top of the card. I do love your card though.

  49. The clock face is not placed in the right direction !

  50. It always pays to check you backed up email/ as I am on the last day of the candy entry. But honestly I don't see a thing wrong with that card. I like it. I haven't read the other comments at this point (to make it fair) so I'm guessing it's not with the card, but with the clock! Not a thing off on that design! I love your site and thanks for the chance to win some much needed stuff! Linda Crowder

  51. Anonymous6:14 AM

    hehehehe your clock face is not positioned correctly but you know what, if you hadn't said anything I wouldn't have noticed!
    It would look cool to put your cards in a larger shoe shaped card with lots of glitter and bling on it!

  52. the clock is wrong, girl. As far as the packing, I do have a couple of ideas. I recently saw a holder that looks like a magazine holder. I'll look for it if you haven't seen that one and send you a link.
    I did a portfolio once that was pretty cool. It's the last picture on the right in this post. It can hold up to 20 cards. With layers less, of course. A box might be too simple, but I also have a pattern for those. click on gift boxes.

  53. Anonymous6:40 AM

    First thing I noticed was that the clock face was not at the proper rotation- 3:00 is where 12:00 should be. Also I noticed that you didn't white dot all of your scallops on the inner scalloped circle. If you are only using cards as your gift, why don't you make a purse box to match the cards. They are so very feminine. You could make the tag say Girlfriend Gab or Fabulous Friends.

  54. Ashley7:10 AM

    I love the card! I had to take a second look to realize the roman numerals are not lined up correctly for the clock, but even with that, I think it is a great card. Thank you for continuing your blog. I have been praying for you and your family! You do give a lot of inspiration to those that feel they are creatively challenged!

  55. Amy,
    Love the colors in your card! Your numbers are off, but I bet you know the numbers are not in the right position.

    I like the idea of a purse to hold the cards!

  56. Peggy S. from Ohio8:12 AM

    Hi, Amy! The clock face need a little twist, so the XII will be at the top and the VI at the bottom. We're getting snow, hee by the Lake Erie! Snow plow already went by this AM!Friday it was 70 degrees! WOW!

  57. The clock face is on wrong, though it is a cute card Beate has a cute little card box for those cards. susan

  58. Doris8:42 AM

    I noticed right away the clock numbers were in the wrong place. Cute card though.


  59. Elizabeth V.8:48 AM

    I love your card...what a great sentiment! I looks like your clock is a quarter-turn off...who knew? I guess I'm really going to bed at I don't feel so bad about being in my jammies so early because it's not so early.
    p.s. Congratulations on your new job!

  60. Anonymous8:50 AM

    I would put it in purse bag and do something like a PMS pack, (pretties made for sisters) Do PMS in large letters and write the rest of the word smaller on the tag. The PMS will get their attention.

  61. Ah, yes, the clock face is a bit off. Life would be interesting if the day started at three as opposed to twelve, though.

    Maybe it's not an error. Maybe it's a card for a character from Alice in Wonderland. The Mad Hatter perhaps?

    Great card.

  62. Anonymous10:36 AM

    The 12 is not at the top. I still think the card is super cute! Also, try sanding the stamp before stamping it so the image stamps clear. I have to do that with all my studio g clear stamps.

  63. Your clock isn't oriented with the 12 on top. But, at first glance I never would have seen that. As always, LOVE your cards! And I can't wait to see how you end up packaging them. Please share. (I have no good ideas or I'd share.)

  64. Hi Amy,
    Hhhmmm I was thinking instead of a basket, maybe you could put the cards into some page protectors and make a little book, you know and dress it up a bit. Oh look at that maybe you could use that as a theme 'dress it up' I don't know. That way I thought then whoever gets it could use it over again for themselves as an albumn or something. Sorry I'm not very creative.

    About your card, I believe that the clock is turned counterclockwise 1/4 turn. I do like how your card turned out, I love the color combination!
    Good Luck with everything!!


  65. I'm not one to point out what is wrong on another stamper's card, that's for sure, but I see that the numbers are not aligned like a clock would be, but could it be that the inner most clock image should have been more of a red color that a hot pink? Colors are hard, because that could just be my monitor settings too. In any case, I love the card, amy. Beautiful and creative work as always. :)

    Thanks too at the chance for blog candy. That is sweet!

    barb hendrickson

  66. I really love those quart size clear paint buckets as an idea for your cards! They're unique, easy to decorate and you could go all out with the BFF/girlfriend theme!

    Hope this helps. Love your blog!
    Good luck & I hope you share whatever you decide to do with your card "holder."

  67. Anonymous5:35 PM

    Amy, I hope you get some good ideas for the basket. I just don't have may ideas to pass your way. But, lol, the clock face is a little off. I'm like the others, with it being roman numerals, it was hard to pick up on.....Love your blog!! What an inspiration you are.

    Kathy Brown

  68. Anonymous11:11 PM

    Besides the dots missing on the lower circle and the noon being placed by the 9 spot,
    the Roman numeral IV in the outside of the face has IIII on the inside of the clock face.

  69. Besides the missing white dots and noon rotated to the left,

    on the outer face of the clock is the Roman numeral IV for four,
    but inside the clock face four is shown as IIII.

    Check out the dollar store for bargains to use in the girls basket. Since the theme is stationary, perhaps some fancy pens in different ink colors, a lap desk to write on, and cozy socks. You could print out directions on how to properly write thank you notes, get well notes, etc. An index box with note cards for addresses would also be nice. You could stamp on the index box.

    Hope you find some inexpensive, but fun items.

  70. I really don't have any original ideas for your packaging! Let them speak for themselves and just tie a ribbon around them (Your cards are always so beautiful and colorful!). The thing that struck me as wrong with your card is that the clock face is not positioned correctly. The number 3 is where the 12 should be.

  71. The clock face isn't sitting right. It needs a little 1/4 turn to the right. Thanks for the chance to win some blog candy.

  72. I love the colors you chose for the card! Great take on the sketch too. The clock facing the wrong direction made me laugh. I thought it was perfect with the sentiment!

  73. Well, I would have never noticed had you not mentioned it, but yep, the clock face. And I hate it when you buy a new stamp, with anticipation of using it, and you don't get a crisp stamped image. Bummer.

  74. I too think it's the clockface that's on there crooked. Cute card tho! Love how you've been using up your scraps! I think I may need to start doing the same!

  75. The clock face is tilted... but that's okay, as long as the hands are still pointing to the correct numbers. :)

    Thanks for the chance to win!

  76. Well, on first glance, I didn't even notice what was how's that for being observant?

    Of course, that could be because it's Roman Numerals instead of numbers.

    Did you do this on purpose? :-)

    Cool Card!!

  77. Hehe! Now I teach 2nd grade and we practice telling time daily so I have to admit that I noticed the turned clock almost immediately! :D It is too funny though so if I were giving it away, I would test the receiver to see if they notice it (perhaps a goofy teenager would appreciate it :D) but I am mischievous that way!

    Either way...turned or not...your clock card is absolutely FANTASTIC! :)

  78. Love the card, but doesn't the number 12 usually go at the top of a clock?
    Hope you are having a blessed week, Amy!

  79. The 12 needs to be at the top!
    but love it anyway

  80. Doesn't the 12 need to be at the top!
    Its fantastic anyway!


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