Friday, November 07, 2008

The White Stuff

So this is what I woke up to this morning, surprise, surprise! I knew cold was coming, I just didn't know it would include the white stuff too. It's over freezing today, so I don't imagine this stuff will be hanging around too long, thankfully!

I didn't just want to leave you with just a recipe today, so here's a scrap card I made the other day. This paper has been sitting in my drawer for soooo long. I'm not a big navy lover, so it's just sat there unloved until this week. I am doing so well sticking to the "scraps only" theme of the past couple of weeks. It really feels good to be using the scraps up. It's all perfectly good paper, it is a shame they've sat this long.

The sentiment is from the CHF set called Motivational Centers by Mona Lisa. I really love the sentiments included in this set. And I'm really happy with how this scrappy card turned out. It will be perfect for a friend who's experiencing difficult times and needs a pick-me-up. I'll have to think about who that might be in my life.....

Well, the boys are home today, happily hanging out together playing PS2. I wonder how long the sibling love will last before one flies off in a huff. I'll keep my fingers crossed. I am still finishing up some freelance work today, but while I'm waiting for some emails to arrive from my reps, I've decided to tackle cleaning my incredibly messing stamp room. It really is ridiculous. I took before pictures to show you how crazy it is. Once I'm done cleaning, I'll take some after shots so you can see how gross it was. I hope I'm not the only one that lives like that in their stamp room, LOL.

Have a wonderful day everyone!



  1. Love the card! I so need to take a cue from you and use up my scraps. Waaaay too much filling up that box.

  2. LOVE that card! i need to learn how to sew on mine...would love to have you come south (73 degrees today and sunny!) to show me!

    happy weekend...mine's nuts!

  3. Pretty! Why do my scraps NEVER look that good together?! Yikes, snow?! It's still in the 70's here - we southerners just can't imagine....

  4. Another great card. My stamp room gets messy so fast and it is open to the main part of the house. I like it being open to my family, but get embarrassed once in awhile when unexpected company catches me in a real mess. Just as soon as I get it clean, the mess starts creeping in again too.

  5. What a pretty card! I really like that paper! Great sentiment!

  6. Great card, Amy! I too am using up things that I've had around for so long. Looks like you had more snow than we did. And about my stamping area - it's usually a disaster! When it gets so bad I can't stand it and can't find anything (and can't just push things aside any more!) I clean it and then it looks awful again after making just one card. We had company last night, so of course I cleaned my house. I ran out of time and my stamping area didn't get cleaned. I said, "No one will come down here, right? So it's OK to leave it?" Well guess where the women ended up first thing? Someone wanted to buy some cards and someone else had their adult daughter with and she wanted to see all of my stuff! Oh well. (The daughter's boyfriend was with, and it was so cool. His comment was, "Looks like an Archivers!" He had actually obviously been to an Archivers!)

  7. Just stumbled across your blog. I am so jealous of your snow! I wish we had some!!! Love that you're using your scraps. I could work forever on my scraps and not buy more paper--but what fun would that be? I think a messy scrap room shows that you are creative~!! (at least that's what I tell myself!)

  8. beautiful! I love the colors!
    I am glad that we didn't get any snow! :)


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