Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Certainly Scraps

Allow me pontificate for a moment, will you?

What motivates someone to post a catty annonymous comment and think that it's alright? I am at a loss for words on that one friends. I had only recently re-instituted the ability to post anonymously on my blog again in order to benefit those of my blogging friends that don't have a registered id. And then look what happened, the anonymous catty commenter returned. Drat! It's back to not allowing anonymous commenters to post, I'm sorry to say. But if you are someone that doesn't have a registered ID and you ever feel the need to contact me, please feel free to just email me. You can find my email address right below my blog photo:)!

Moving on to bigger and better things....I have been laughing hysterically at all the funny comments/guesses I've been getting for my blog candy giveaway! You guys are sooooo funny! I even discovered stuff wrong with my card that I didn't know were wrong:)!!! And in case you're worried about hurting my feelings with your guess.....let me just say this....don't worry, my feelings are not being hurt! I think many of you thought I was opening a can of worms by asking this question! Don't get me wrong....I love that card even though I messed up on it! I just needed an excuse to give some blog candy away, so I decided to use the card as the means to do so. It's as simple and as harmless as that. Seriously! In case you haven't posted your guess yet, you can do so here. You've got until midnight tonight to make your guess. I will pick a random winner tomorrow morning sometime and hopefully get the winner posted by tomorrow afternoon, OK?

I am happy to say I am still on a scrap kick. I am loving going to my scrap drawer first for paper to make a card. It is such a challenge for me! Today's card was sooo simple to create...I am hoping you take this layout and make a scrap card yourself! This is actually one of the cards that is going into my donated "basket" for the choir auction this weekend. I have decided to put the cards in a little Vera Bradly purse I found at Marshall's this weekend for cheap. It's for church, so I don't mind spending a little bit of money to create a fun basket people will want to bid a lot of money on. I will definitely get some pictures of the finished product once I'm done putting it together, which will hopefully be today.

Oh, and one last thing.....it is JustRite week over at Stamper's Dream! All week long, the The Dream Team will have some amazing projects for you using a multitude of JustRite products.

On Monday it was Denise and Michelle...today it's Charmaine and Kimberly, tomorrow is Tosha and me (my last hurrah as a member of the Dream Team), Thursday was Laurie's Schmidlin's day to post, but since she's been away taking care of Ali, the entire Dream Team decided to pitch in and post for her! And finally on Friday it's Carolyn and Cindy . And just to make things really exciting....there is a little DREAMY TREAT up for the offering! Yep, Michelle will give away a JustRite Christmas Stamp Ensemble and the Classic Circle Stamper III ! All you have to do is leave a comment on THIS POST no later than midnight Saturday night. Michelle will announce the winner Sunday evening in her regular post. See this post for more details!

I hope you all have a terrific day!



  1. such cute papers! Great card..

  2. Amy - there are cowards lurking everywhere. Just do what you have to do and we'll all understand. I just love what you do with all your scraps! ~chris

  3. how fun is that?!?! I love the colors-you always put such wonderful, vibrant ones together!!!

  4. Hey Amy--fantastic card--I Love the colors and papers! Beautiful girl!

    And do NOT let one grouchy person get you down---some people are just cruel.

  5. i just do not understand what you do on this blog that would provoke any cattyness. that's just nuts! some people are burdened in other ways and it bubbles out of them, so i'd just suggest praying for anonymous.

    i love the card and can't wait to see it with the vera bag. those are made in my hometown, and they're amazing, esp. since they're washable!

    happy day, friend!

  6. Finally, I had decided to use scraps and matched solid and designer papers. I made about 50 cards that only need stamped sentiments and ribbon, bling, brads, etc.

    I hope your nephew appreciates the earlier card and the sentiment. He is fortunate to have a loving family.

  7. What a beautiful bright card! I love the sentiment!

  8. Very nicely done> Love the colors..sorry to hear about your anoy

  9. Hi Amy, I love your card!!! Where did you get the sentiment? I just love it!!!

    Thanks for sharing :)


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