Tuesday, July 29, 2008

More Flowers for Daisy

I thought I'd share with you another one of the cards I made using the Flowers for Daisy stamp set from Gina K. Designs.

Have you ever worked with Fun Flock? That's what I've used on the petals of the daisy. Bright yellow (and I mean bright) in the center of the flower, and bright pink for the petals. This is really fun stuff to play with for a change of pace. It's really easy. I just use my glue pen to put glue down on the image, and then I sprinkle flock over the top of it. I press it down with my fingers, and then tap the excess off. You can see a close-up of the flower in this shot.....

In case you haven't noticed, for all the Flowers for Daisy cards that I've made over the past week, I chose to make them with bright and cheerful colors. I specifically wanted all my cards to bring happiness and energy to their recipients because in most instances, the recipients are going through a tough time right now. In my personal opinion, dark and dreary colors would only add to the darkness of the situation. I do not want to be responsible for adding more darkness to someone's life, even if it is only used on the front of a card!

I know that the most recent release over at Gina K. Designs was her biggest release EVER, and that includes this amazing little set. I personally want to thank you for wrapping your arms around this set and purchasing it on behalf of someone you love who's battling or has battled cancer in the past. I know both Gina and Asela (and me!!!) appreciate your loving support of their mission.

I know that all the sets that Gina released last week sold out so fast, that she had to have more rubber made to restock the shelves! If you go over with the intent to buy Flowers for Daisy and find it's out of stock, please know that Gina will send it off to you the minute it's back in the store!

I have to tell you, on a personal front, my heart is aching today. I picked up Eldest Son last night after a week up at COP. He had another great week, but once he got home, the mood soured quickly. He and The Girlfriend of four months broke up last night. He was crying and sooooo sad. The breakup was caused by a few factors; distance being the biggest. They live 20 miles away from each other and go to different schools. Eldest Son doesn't drive yet, and her parents won't let her drive all the way out here. To get around this, we either drove him over to her house, her parents would drive her here, or, when the hubster's dad would come out to visit, he'd pick The Girlfriend up and bring her out with him as they lived fairly close to each other.

The other issue is The Girlfriend is a stuffer (of emotions) and is currently suffering a bunch of emotional turmoil. And last but not least, Eldest Son has been gone up at camp so much this summer that they've lost their "connection". I was so sad last night when he said that he wondered what would have happened if he hadn't gone up to church camp so much, if that connection wouldn't have been lost. He had the best summer EVER up at camp this year, and I told him he couldn't second guess his decision to spend his time up there versus staying home with The Girlfriend. I asked him who was supposed to come first in his life, and he replied "God". I told him that was right. Not The Girlfriend, not The Parents. God. Then family, then friends. It's a very hard concept for a 17 year old to accept. But it's a concept I'll be talking with him about as the week wears on. I just hope he's not too heartbroken. How did the rest of you handle your son's first breakup? I think they plan on being best of friends still (famous last words). I told him regardless of what happened, there is always something wonderful you can take from the situation, and something you can learn from the situation. And that's what he needs to think about for a little while now. What good will he take from his relationship with The Girlfriend, and what can he learn from the bad. I will be on my knees this week big time asking God for his guidance!

I've got to run. Have a great day.



  1. asela7:44 AM

    Oh Amy, my heart goes out to your son. James is 16, no girlfriend yet and not driving either, but I know that's coming! I know he'll be okay and he has such a wonderful mom to help him through this. Big hugs.

    Thank you so much for helping us spread the word about Flowers for Daisy. Love your card!

  2. My 1st son's big breakup with his first college girlfriend(he didn't date in HS) was tramatic.She was from another culture(Asian) and her mom came to visit her. Her mom was so upset that she was dating a person outside her background that she packed the girl up and took her back to their country to an arranged marriage with an older man. Needless to say our son was devastated. Time passed along with a cluster of girls. Finally, he met the right person and they married last year.
    My suggestion would be just to be there for your son with hugs and listening ears.

  3. Amy, first of all, your card is beautiful. Love that splash of color.

    Secondly, ahhh the teenage heartbreak. Remember it so well. I'm sorry that his heart is hurting right now, but count your blessings that he has the ability to talk with you versus sulk, or even worse, be angry and hurtful. How wonderful that he knows he can talk to you in earnest.

    Is camp still running the rest of the summer? I'm sure it will keep him busy and his mind and heart occupied. Thinking of you.

    thinking of you.....

  4. Love your card - perhaps you need to make something this bright and cheery for your son but perhaps without the flowers! Seriously your first big split is tough so he needs some time and space but some fun things going on too. Hope it works out.

  5. The card is soooo happy ... great job. Sounds like you and your son have a great connection and so I know he'll get through it with gentle words and encouragement from good ol' mom. Oh my, mine are 6 and 2 and I've just turned 42 yesterday I fear I'll be too old to turn to when they get their hearts broken for the first time. I may be old but I sure remember my own first heartbreak when I was 17 ... oh my how that hurt (for weeks even). Hang in there mom, you're doing a great job.

  6. Anonymous9:33 PM

    cute card!

    Federal Way florist

  7. I do love the bright and cheerful colors! These cards, along with the thoughts behind them, should help someone having a rough time! I so hate to hear about your sons heartbreak! My oldest DD is only 11 so we have not dealt with boyfriend problems but seeing our kids going through difficult times is so much more difficult than going through them ourselves! Sounds like you are doing the right thing about letting your son know you are there for him and keeping communication open!

  8. Anonymous6:32 AM

    I have two teenagers(17 and 18). When both of them experienced their first breakups, I think I cried more than they did! HA! But looking back, it is good that they experience these losses when we are there to guide them through and sympathize. I always remember the song,"God Bless the broken road that led me straight to you" and remind them that he is in charge of their future. :)

  9. Your card is beautiful, love those papers and colors. It's so nice to see a card like that with such a punch of colors. :-)

  10. Beautiful card. I love the flocking on the flower. Adds a real flower touch to it. I agree that bright cherry colors are best.

  11. Gorgeous! The stitching sure makes everything come together.

  12. Wow, I was just reading the comments from everybody else. I'll keep all that in my heart for when my girls and guys go thru that too. So far no boyfriends/girlfriends here. I had my heart broken a 2 times in my teens, but God sent the perfect person back to me at the perfect time. We've been together since we were 20. He was my first "boyfriend" at 13-- I wasn't old enough to date, we just had a relationship over the phone. We broke up because of distance at the time, but got together years later when we were older and could drive or ride public transportation. Remind him that "The LORD is close to the brokenhearted and saves those who are crushed in spirit". Psalm 34:18

  13. Amy, First, the card is gorgeous!!! Second- I am so sorry for your son. One thing I have told my daughter as she begins her journey into the realm of relationships. As hard as this may seem, Give thanks to God when things don't work out. It's because he has something much better planned for you and the only way he can get you closer to what will really make you happy is to remove from the things that aren't in His plan. It may not seems that way now, but if you wait a little while, His plan will be revealed.
    I hope your son is feeling better about things soon.
    Gina K.


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