Thursday, July 31, 2008

Recipe Cards

Still trying to work things out with my new JustRite Stamper!

I purchased a few extra accessories from Stamper's Dream a month or so ago to go with my Stamper. One of the items I bought was a package of special borders I can use to personalize recipes, books and stationary. As you can see, I went with the the border that says "From the Kitchen Of" for my project today.

I made these blank recipe cards for myself. I LOVE how they turned out....but as I was making them, I thought they looked sort of silly with the fruit in the middle when it says "From the Kitchen Of". Obviously, they wanted me to put my name inside, but I wanted to punch up the excitement of my project by using an image in the center instead (Tart & Tangy from SU!). That's why I used my Karen Foster Snap Stamps to put my name to the left of the monogram since I didn't put it in the center of the monogram. I don't think anyone will really care that I broke the rules here....I love the fruit popping up from the middle!!!! I just had another brilliant idea flash through my mind for my JR Stamper, so I'll have to get busy on putting that to paper later today.

I hope you are all having a great week. Everyone is home now, so I'm content. We've got an All-Star baseball tournament this week/weekend (I know, I thought baseball was over too, but I guess it's not) so that will keep us busy. Doug had a great time visiting his sister's family in VA this past week. He was supposed to get home yesterday at 1140a, but his flight leaving Wash, DC was late, causing them to miss their connection in Philly. They had to frantically try to get rescheduled to get home to Minneapolis quickly, but in the end, they had to fly to Chicago first, and then Mpls, arriving, finally, at 415p. I picked him up from the airport and then we drove to Youngest Son's baseball game, which had started at 4pm. Whew.

See ya. Don't forget to check out the JR Stamper's at Stamper's Dream so you can make fun, personalized projects like this too!



  1. Hey girlie! Thanks so much for your well wishes concerning my pup. I just posted a JR card these stamps sooooo much! Of course everytime I post one of their cards, no one leaves me a comment! BUMMER! Now you need to alter a recipe box to put these cute recipe cards in!


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