Friday, July 04, 2008

In Honor and Thanks

I've decided to dedicate my post today to my brother-in-law, Ken Dunnum. He is a retired Marine. He dutifully, loyally, and humbly served our country as a Marine for 20 years.

He served in Desert Storm in the early 90's. His selfless sacrifice (for our freedom) back then is most likely the reason Ken is having to battle today one of the most evil, vile of all enemies....lung cancer. While stationed there, he was exposed, repeatedly, to chemical toxins due to burning oil wells.

That Ken, and many other military personnel just like him, are now suffering debilitating illnesses due to war, leaves me saddened. That so many have lost their lives for my sake overwhelms me. I certainly wasn't brave enough to enlist in the United States military when I was young. I am SO thankful that Ken and all the other military men and women in this country weren't as chicken as I was. Each and every one of us that sits comfortably on this side of the United States border owe these angels a debt of gratitude that they were brave enough to fight for our freedom!

Thank you, Ken. You are the greatest of men. Thank you for being brave enough to fight for the freedom of our country. Thank you for fighting the enemy because I was too afraid to. Thank you for battling this newest enemy with the same determination, drive, and optimism that you did for the 20 years you served the people of this country in the United States Marines. Never, never, never give up.

You are a wonderful Husband.
You are an amazing Father.
You are a kind Brother-in-law.
You are a wonderful Uncle.
You are a loyal Friend.
You are a fearless Marine.

You are loved, Ken Dunnum. Thank you for your sacrifice so that we may ALL experience the freedom this country is known for.

God bless you!!!!


  1. That is precious, Amy. So true! My Dad fought in the South Pacific in WWII. I remember him waking up in the middle of the night with nightmares (many, many years later). These guys (& girls) made great sacrifices & were affected in many ways good & bad. We should never cease to be grateful for their work on our behalf.

  2. Anonymous9:43 AM

    Lovely Amy! Happy 4th!!!! Elizabeth Glass

  3. Please send this message to Ken. Thank you and please feel well. As a Canadian I know how important are militry forces are and I send a huge thanks for all they have done.

  4. Thank you so much for saying all of that. I feel the exact same way. Without men and women like your BIL we would not be able to do the great things that we do and love. My husband is military and I am so honored and proud to call him my husband. We both come from a family of service members and it is a great legacy I am glad to hand down to my kids.
    Thank you Ken for your sacrifice and may God be with you again during this fight.

  5. This is awesome Amy! So true. Have a happy and blessed 4th!

  6. Beautfully "spoken", Amy!

  7. Laurie in MN10:39 PM

    Our dear friend was diagnosed with lung cancer. Every day for months, him and his wife made the round trip from the Twin Cities to the Mayo Clinic in Rochester, MN and back home, for his treatments. He finished treatments two months ago and is in remission with no signs of cancer.

    We were able to keep up to date with his care through Caring Bridges, a free web site. He shared his journey of healing and the depth of his Faith.

    May God's love be felt throughout Kens journey by bringing comfort to Ken, his family and friends.

  8. Amen to that!!! We all know that Freedom doesn't come FREE! Thank you thank you thank you! All of our military past and present deserve this kind of thanks every single day! Thanks for writing this today Amy! And thank you for your brother in law! Lisa K in TX

  9. Beautiful post, Amy!! Hugs!!

  10. What a wonderful tribute to your BIL and all of our troops. It is people like you that spread the word, we must be thankful to them and to GOD, my beloved Father. May HE watch over Ken and we all hope that Ken does well with his recovery

  11. Cindy H.9:05 AM

    Oh, Amy, such a beautiful and heartfelt tribute to your BIL, Ken. Please pass along my thanks to Ken for his service to our great country.

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