Saturday, July 05, 2008

Perfection with a Captial P

Yesterday was perfection with a captial "P". From the break of dawn til the dusk of night, our day was perfect. The weather was the nicest it's been on the 4th of July in years! The temps were in the high 70's, maybe low 80's (I never once saw a thermometer), no humidity, and sunshine all day!

Our day was spent with friends, celebrating Hubby's 46th birthday! Mike and Sue did a fabulous job hosting our clan and the Nelson Clan. Many thanks to them for making the day such a special one.

I'll leave you today with a few fireworks shots I took last night. I think I got a handful a really good shots, but trust me, I still have so much to learn about taking fireworks photos. I wish I had somewhere to go practice tonight too!

This morning we are leaving to go help my FIL with some house details. He is getting ready to sell and wants us there when the realtor comes over today. I think we might go look at a few more places for him to move to as well. The realtor is a friend of ours from college.

I will be back tomorrow with a card to share, ok? Have a great day! Don't forget to leave a comment for me HERE to win some awesome blog candy! Odds are looking good!



  1. asela8:06 AM

    Happy 4th of July! Love your pictures

  2. Happy Birthday to your hubby and Happy Fourth to You!

  3. So glad to hear you had a great day yesterday Amy! We had fab weather too and we were all commenting that it was truly the best in years. The 3rd howver we had a terrible storm and many around here are without power still ... we've got some roof problems to deal with now (shoot) but hey it could have been worse so we were counting our blessings as we enjoyed the 4th of July with friends and our 2 little boys.

    Thanks for sharing your great fireworks photos too!

  4. Laurie in MN1:51 AM


    Happy Birthday to your DH.

    I hope your FIL house doesn't need to much work before putting it on the market.

  5. Anonymous1:24 AM

    Hello from a neighbor to the south of you! (in SD)
    Happy belated wishes to your hubby!

    Love your blog and absolutely love your fireworks photos. My son & I tried to take fireworks photos with my Nikon D50; but, had no luck compared to your awesome fireworks photos. Thus, am wondering what lenses and settings did you use with your D40 to capture such wonderful shots of the fireworks?


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