Tuesday, June 03, 2008

WHOA-OH, we're halfway there....WHOA-OH, livin' on a prayer....

I'm taking a cue from my good stampin' buddy Shannan (Pink Tulle with Feathers & Sequins)today by using the words to a song for my blog title. This song by Bon Jovi burst into my head when I decided what I was going to write about today, so I just went with it. If you didn't already know, every time Shannan blogs, her title for that day is from a song. Don't worry, I promise I won't do it again, I won't steal Shannan's fabulous idea-it's just a one time deal!

So want to know why I'm singing this song? Well, I heard back from Anita at the hospital this afternoon. There were five positions open in the ER and she filled all of them with HUC's (Health Unit Coordinators) that had experience. BUT....she is expecting to have another opening at the end of the month caused by someone quitting, and she wants me to consider that position. The only bad thing is the shift is from 530p-2a. First off, let me tell you I am not a night owl!!! I am an early-to-bed-early-to-rise creature. I am worried about having to work a shift like this and still be able to function enough to run the family. She told me I most likely would transition fairly quickly into an evening position (4p-12m) due to high turnover. I know I have to pay my dues. I'm thinking she thinks this is a good time slot for me to start with because it won't be so busy and it will be easier to learn. I have to do some serious talking with the Lord to decipher if this is something He wants me to do or not. I'm glad I have a few weeks to think about it and pray:)!

Anita did tell me she really likes what I can bring to the table, and that she really enjoyed meeting with me. And, she LOVED the thank you card I dropped off today for her thanking her for the interview last week! Of course, I didn't take a picture of it, but it was cute.

So, that's the story behind why I got to thinking about this Bon Jovi song right before I wrote my post for today, it's so appropriate for the situation, isn't it? ....We're are almost there peeps, good things are going to happen soon!

...WHOA-OH, we're halfway there (to a new job for me), WHOA-OH, livin' on a prayer (prayer is all that's been getting me through this craziness that is my life), take my hand, we'll make it I swear (dear God I hope so!), WHOA, livin' on a prayer...." Isn't it perfect? See, God has a sense of humor, peeps. I know He does!

I'll leave you today with a few pics from Sunday. We went over to Joe and Lue's for swimming--the first dip of the season. It was GORGEOUS!

This is Youngest Son jumping off the diving board. Is this not the funniest picture? It looks like he's walking on water, notice how careful he was to pose for the camera before he goes crashing into the water! Love it!

This is Oldest Son doing his first flip of the season! I told him his form needs a little work though, LOL!

And finally, this one is of the Hubster, about to painfully crash into the water after a breathtaking flip off the diving board!
Oh, and if you're holding your breath waiting to see if a picture of me shows up in today's post....fogettttaaaaaboutit....NOT ON YOUR LIFE! Not in a milliongazillionbazillion years will you EVER see a picture of ME on MY blog, IN MY BATHING SUIT! Heaven forbid I even put on a bathing suit this season, it would NOT be a pretty sight friends. The thought sends shivers down my spine. Trust me.

Talk to ya later!



  1. You are too funny. That is a great picture of your son, and yes, it does look like he is walking on water.
    Hope things work out for you with the job prospect!

  2. Oh me, you certainly do have a lot to think (pray) about! That 2 am would be a killer for me, too, but till 12 wouldn't be bad! Well... If that's where God wants you, He will show how you can do it! I'll be praying, along with all your other cyber-friends for a speedy resolve! May many blessings be yours today!!!

  3. lol I'm glad I'm not the only one to dread the thought of wearing a bathing suit, much less being photographed in it!

    I pray God will work things out so that you can have a day shift. I know from my daughter's experience that it's hard working late at night. People do it, but it's not healthy, especially for sweet morning girls like yourself. :)

  4. I with you and the bathing suit bit - hubby is well trained not to get the camera! I hope you get some clear direction about the job - at least some doors are opening a chink!

  5. I hope you hear some good news soon! Great pictures!!

  6. I've been keeping you in my thoughts and prayers! Everything will work out. You crack me up with your pics and your bathing suit comment! I feel the exact same way! I'm glad I live in a place where it is sweater season most of the year!

  7. Wishing you well in your new endeavors in finding just the right schedule, Amy. Remembering this just might be the window of opportunity God's providing in a temporary situation. {wink}

    Love the bathing suit comment... I don't even own a bathing suit! {LOL}

    Hugs :)

  8. Keeping you and your family in my thoughts. Everthing will work out. You crack me up about the swimsuit comment, but I would not show me either. Have a fun summer!

  9. You can sing any time you want, girl! You made me smile. :D

    These pictures are just great!


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