Sunday, June 01, 2008

A Photo Book

I wanted to make some thank you gifts for my SIL Jayne and her friend Kathie, both whom live in Fairfax, VA. While I was visiting a few weeks ago, I took numerous photos of BOTH their backyard gardens, so wanted to put all those pictures in one place in a book they could leave out on their coffee tables. I had these little accordian books already in my stash, so I got busy putting them together. I only took pictures of Kathie's the time I got done making hers my camera was already on it's way to the camera hospital, so I don't have photos of Jayne's book, so sorry!

This is the cover of Kathie's book....I used my new stamps from Stamper's Dream. The set I used is called Bugs and Blooms and they are made by Memory Box. I used the paper piecing technique to make many of the flowers on the cover. I stamped the image on pieces of scrap paper and then cut them out and applied them to the cover. The other flowers were stamped directly to paper. The sentiment is actually computer generated and printed onto cardstock.

I painted all the edges of the book with my Adirondack Acrylic Paint Dabber in Lettuce. This paint dries so fast, so you are sitting waiting around forever for it to dry. Inside the book, I just glued on pieces of coordinating designer paper on each page, and then placed the photos on top of the paper. It's really simple. I didn't muddy it up with a whole bunch of embellishments because the pictures were dramatic enough. Sorry about this picture of the whole book, it's a little over exposed!

Typically, these little accordian books have two black ties built within the book to tie the book together. I, however, didn't like the look of the black ribbon with my colors, so I cut it off and added my own matching ribbon.

I gave it to Kathie last weekend when she was here driving up to her cabin in Park Rapids. I'm happy to report she loved it. She brought Jayne's back with her to Fairfax, and I'm happy to say Jayne loved hers too! They are both very proud of their yards, and having these books will make it easy to share the beauty of their gardens in the off season.

Remember I told you I bought a $10 dresser in Fairfax, VA when I was there visiting? My plan was to make it into a potting bench for my deck.

Here is the before picture.....

And here it is after I sanded and painted it yesterday! It's still very primative looking, old and distressed, but that's what I love about it. See the bottom shelf of the bench? It flips down to reveal a storage area PERFECT for my empty pots! The drawers will hold my gardening tools and whatever other stuff I can stuff in there.

The paint is a color called Wales Green. It is by Benjamin Moore. It's the same color as my stamp room! I had some paint left from when I re-did my room a year or so ago, so that's what I used to paint the bench. The top is painted brown, which was also left over from my room. Do with what you've got on hand, right?

I am really thrilled with how the bench turned out. It looks great on the deck, it really adds some personality to the whole area. And all for only $10! I love a good deal.....

Well, it's time to get some stamping done. It's another beautiful day, so I'm not really sure how much stamping I'll even get done today. My mojo is still under fire....nothing I do is kicking it into gear, folks. It's starting to scare me!



  1. I'm trying to take a few, rare quite moments and catch up on reading my blog roll (oldest DD is at pool w/ friends, youngest is taking a nap, and hubby flew out today on business) and all I can say is WOW! alot has gone on in your life the last few days. First, congratulations on your Design Team appointment. You're a talented, creative lady and certainly deserve such honors. Second, I love all of these projects from the beautiful Memory Box card (love their stamps) to your fabulous thrifty potting bench! So glad that your camera is well once again so you can share these pretties with us! Please know that you and your family remain in my thoughts and prayers with an extra special prayer for you and your job prospect. I've been an ER RN for almost 17 years so if you need an ear, you know where to find me! Wishing you a wonderful week!

  2. Wow! That album is amazing and I LOVE what you did with that dresser. Wow!!

  3. Cute card and cute bench! Boy, you have been busy! I can see why you saw "potting bench" when you bought that dresser. It definitely says "potting bench" to me! That was a great deal, Amy.

    Don't worry about your mojo. It'll find you. I thought I'd lost mine and it was just following me way behind for awhile. Was still there. Get some sunshine and fresh air and don't worry about where that mojo is hiding. It's still got its eye on you! ;)

  4. What a GORGEOUS photo book! And I LOVE your potting bench... turned out AWESOME!!... I love a good bargain too! ;)

  5. Wonderful project--love the cover---beautifully done!

    Great remake of that potting table. I LOVE the color--what a fantastic find--!

  6. OMG! Doesnt look like yer mojo is broken to me! Look at that book! I would TOTALLY love that! What a fabulous idea! And that bench! WOW! Girl you got it goin on! I am uber impressed!

  7. Wowsa, wowsa, Amy!! You have been working hard, girl and with amazing results. Your mojo is alive and well with these two projects. Ya know, some times the mojo needs a little variety in how it is used, ya know? lol Love that bench! I have 2 bedside tables and a round table that all need to be refinished...oh yeah...don't forget the piano bench, too that needs love and care....and I have no earthly idea of where to start! Maybe you could give a blog lesson on refinishing furniture? lol


  8. Oh Amy, I love it! So cute!
    And that is right up my alley! This is something that I found at a thrift store and re-painted:

  9. Love what you did to the bench! What a great find! When I lose my mojo, I step out of my comfort zone and try to make cards with a new fold or shapes. I don't try to go wild and try something completely different from my norm. That only frustrates me. I'm looking for a few more things in my life to settle down so that my mojo will come back in full swing.... Wishing that for you too!

  10. Amy~You did a beautiful job, and that green is gorgeous. I hope things are going better for you. I know I read awhile ago when you lost Muriel and your hubby's job, so I am hoping things are doing much better for you. Chris

  11. I love your photo book! Its such a great way to show off those beautiful photo's. Your old dresser is to die for! What a great idea for a potting bench!

  12. this photo album is wonderful, and i'm sure both gals will really love being able to display them in their homes.

    love what you did with the potting bench--don't you love it when a plan comes together?

    i know tomorrow's the day for word about the job at the hospital. please keep us posted...we'll be waiting with baited breath (whatever that means) to hear the news!

  13. Your book is absolutely gorgeous, Amy!!!! I love how nicely your bench turned out too!! You go, girl!!

  14. I love the before/after of the potting bench! It looks good enough to be in a magazine! I love the color and the style (and the price!). Great job! :-)


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