Saturday, May 31, 2008

I've Got a Secret!

Don't you looooooove secrets?

Are you a good secret keeper? I've got to say that I totally am a good secret keeper. If you ever told me a secret, I'd be able to keep my mouth shut for as long as necessary, until it's time for the secret to be revealed!

For the past few weeks, I've been keeping a secret until I my precious little camera was released from the camera hospital. Why? Well, I couldn't really reveal my secret without being able to take some pictures of what it was I was keeping secret! Are you ready??????

I've been asked to join the Stamper's Dream Design Team (wow, that rhymes!)!!!!! That's right, sweet Michelle over at Stamper's Dream emailed me a few weeks ago surprising me with her offer. Lucky me! I think Michelle is one of the sweetest stampers out there in blog world, and that she wanted me to join her already amazing team was an honor indeed. I am joining the amazing Cammie King, Charmaine Ikach, Kurtis Amundson, Laurie Schmidlin, Lynda Benden, and Tosha Leyendekker, all uber talented stampers! Go visit Michelle's blog today to read her announcement!

I am excited to be on board because Michelle carries some fabulous stamps "and stuff" (lots and lots of fun stuff) at her on-line store. I was priviledged recently to see some of the new spring/summer stamps Michelle is going to be carrying in her store really soon and OH MMMMMMMMY, are you going to love them!!!! I've already told Michelle to put some aside so I can buy them before they get sold immediately out from underneath me:)!

The first batch of goodies that Michelle sent me contained a really fun set called Bugs and Blooms from Memory Box. This was the first time I've used Memory Box stamps, and I loved them! They are clear and stamp super nice. You know what I mean, not all clear stamps are created equal, but I must say, Memory Box clear stamps are right up there with the best. I think I'm becoming a clear stamp snob.....I only like stamping with the ones that give me the cleanest, sharpest images ever! My hubby's a coffee snob, I'm a clear stamp snob. There. I've admitted it!

Anyways, the Bugs and Blooms set has a total of 18 stamps in the set, including enough bugs and flowers to keep you busy this summer! Today I'm sharing with you the first card I made using the set. The first thing I did was use one of the smaller flowers in the set to create a background directly onto a piece of Old Olive cardstock. Along the way, this card took on many different formations until I finally settled on covering the whole front with these fabulous flowers.

Actually, this card could technically qualify as a Scrap Stash Saturday card, because I used scraps from at least four different designer papers I had in my scrap drawer! I took the largest blossom stamp available in the set (and it's also my most favorite blossom in the set) and stamped it many times on all of the different pieces of designer paper. I then cut them out and outlined each of the blossoms with my Stardust Gel Pen, although the sparkle from that isn't that evident in the photo. Although I didn't have to, I decided to add a bit more color by using my small circle punch to make centers for each of the blossoms with contrasting designer paper. After I was done cutting out each blossom, I started laying them out on the front of the card making sure the background border was still visible underneath the blossoms.

The hard part of the card was deciding how in the heck I could get a sentiment on the front of it!!! I had to think about it for a little while. Finally, I decided on adding a little ribbon bow and attaching a sentiment to it using a tiny safety pin. I am really happy with how the card turned out!! Sometimes it's so hard coming up with "original", new, innovative ideas for cards, but I'm hoping you find this card to be something you've not seen before and want to try for yourself!
I know that Michelle just got a new batch of the Bugs and Blossoms set into the store, so buzz on over to Stamper's Dream today if you just "have" to have it for your own collection!

Thanks for sharing in my fun news today! I am so excited to be on board with Michelle and her Stamper's Dream Team!!!



  1. Congratulations, Amy! They do have adorable stamps. I can't wait to see what you do with them! Also, happy birthday a bit late! I'm a year past you and had a hard time getting over the fact that I'm already in the middle of my 40's! Yikes! My parents say I'm so young, though. It's all in the perspective, I guess. :)

  2. Awesome card....awesome post! I can't begin to tell you have super excited I am to have you join "The Dream Team"! Welcome aboard, my friend! :-)

  3. Congrats Amy!

    Super, beautiful card. I love it.

  4. Congrats, Amy!! You needed some encouraging news. I'm sure the Lord will bring you joy through this venture! I used to be the main artist for Rubber Soul before branching out on my can check out what I'm up to now on my site. We're opening our online stamp boutique tomorrow!! Your blog is totally gorgeous BTW!
    Hugs, Laura

  5. I'm so excited for you & for Michelle...and us!! Michelle is a sweet friend of mine...and you're right she, her blog & her store are awesome!!

    Congratulations!! Can't wait to see your 'stuff'!!

  6. Congrats, girlie!! This is a fabulous card!

  7. Welcome Welcome!!
    I can't wait to see what you come up with!

  8. Congratulations! I'm so excited for you.

    I love your card today. The colors are really cool. It looks like a lot of cutting but the results are wonderful.

  9. Congrats Amy! I know you will be a great addition to the DT. I look forward to all the great projects that will be coming our way. Very Cheerful card.
    Retired Heather

  10. that's a beautiful card and i'm sure michelle's just as excited to have you on the team as you are to be on it--way to go! consider it a sort of birthday present from on high!

  11. Congratulations!!!! I'll have to go check out the store, Your card is fabulous!!

  12. YEAH!!! So glad to have you on the team--Michelle is FANTASTIC and you are just a wonderful addition! HUGS- and LOVE your card! So bright and cheery!

  13. Congratulations, Amy!!!!! You are a wonderful addition to the team!! I love your beautiful card too!!


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