Friday, May 30, 2008

Interview Update and Other Stuff

Thanks for all the birthday wishes yesterday, and for all of your interview prayers! I definitely felt all of them as I walked into the hospital calm as a clam.

From start to finish, I was at the hospital for nearly 2.5 hours! For the first 45 minutes to an hour, I met with Jill in HR. She asked me all the psychological type questions, you know the ones...."think back to a time when you were in conflict with someone at work, and what did you do to resolve it".....

Unfortunately, that's the question I had the most trouble with!!! I try to avoid conflict at all cost, and make sure it doesn't happen in the first place by being upfront about where I'm coming from and trying to make every situation I'm in a win-win for everyone! I couldn't come up with any big conflicts that have stayed in my mind after all my years in advertising. I stay out of the drama and stick to the job at hand. If there is a tense situation, I try and talk to the person after things have calmed down by talking with the person and apologizing if necessary, or explaining my actions in a calm, reasonable way. I'm not sure I conveyed this well yesterday!

After I met with HR, I went and met Anita, who would be my boss. She was SUCH a sweetie! So sweet and kind, non-abrasive, funny. For both interviews, I just really tried to focus on what I could bring to the table and was open and honest about what I couldn't. After Anita and I talked for about 30-45 minutes, she took me on a tour of the ER's, which was really cool! But it was at that point that I was thinking to myself as I was surveying the surroundings, "yikes, I don't think I can do this job"!!!!!! We went over benefits, pay, hours, etc. Benefits would be GREAT! Pay is good. Hours are what they are. It would be a .5 job (40 hours per pay period) or a .6 (48 hours per pp). Most likely evenings and every other weekend.

I left the hospital feeling great about the interview. What happens from here is in the Lord's hands. If this is his will for my life, it will happen, if not, I just have to have hope He'll reveal his will to me soon. Anita told me she should know something by next Tuesday, so keep the prayers coming!

We found out yesterday afternoon that Hubby did NOT get a job he had been interviewing for in Chicago, so that burst my bubble big time. I just am not understanding why God isn't answering this prayer for us yet.....each rejection eats away at our confidence more and more, and every day it gets harder and harder to stay positive. Hubby was so bummed last night as he came to bed, but I was in my own funk and couldn't lift him up like I should have. It's fine when each of us is in a funk alone, then the other one can encourage and lift that person up. But when you're both down? The compassion and nurturing ability just isn't there. We are both discouraged right now, and the crappy weather is NOT helping the situation!! Sometimes a blazing sun does wonders to put your thoughts back into perspective. We are desperately in need of sun peeps. And so far today, I think the sun is buried deep in the sky behind layers of storm clouds.

Today my girlfriend Sharon is taking me out for my birthday! That will cheer me up! I think we'll go have some lunch and then who knows what after that. The other good news is my camera is ready to come home from the hospital!!! Yipee!!!! I plan on picking it up today while I'm out and about with Sharon. Tonight we have a baseball game and then the rest of the weekend is pretty quiet, thank heavens. This time of year is SOOOOO busy with everything, that I relish quiet time with my family in the confines of our home!

I promise I'll have some new cards to show you tomorrow. Today's card is a card that I made for the Verve color challenge going on right now over at Verve. Actually, you only have a few more days to get your entry in to win $15 in Verve bucks (midnight May 31st)! Upload your creations to Splitcoast, and make sure you use the keyword VVPP02 so we can all see your Vervalicious creations!



  1. Sounds like your interview went well! Praying for good news! :)

  2. Amy, it sounds like your interview went great! I've interviewed people and HR won't usually pass you on to meet others unless they think you're a qualified candidate. And the boss wouldn't have taken the extra time to show you around after your talk she didn't approve either. They would have simply said, we've enjoyed meeting you, we have some things to go over and we'll let you know. KWIM? Time is such a valuable thing, and if the people in a busy hospital took that kind of time with you than it's gotta be good. It does take usually a couple days to do paperwork to be able to extend an offer. Hope your wait is an easy one! Enjoy our nice weather this weekend and don't think another thing about it. Easier said than done, I know!

  3. Good news about the interview - sounds promising! Sorry to hear about your husband's disappointment, but God's timing just isn't right yet (it sure is hard to think about that!) Hopefully He will send the right job SOON!!! Enjoy your evening out - God Bless!

  4. Your card is beautiful. All I can say is keep your eyes on the Lord and everything will be blessed for you and your family. Have a great and creative weekend.

  5. Anonymous12:22 PM

    Amy, when you & your husband feel that way, you have to put on some praise & worship music that uplifts you and sing together! Praise God for His perfect ways. His ways are not our ways. If God did not give your husband that job, then He has something BETTER. Period. That's the way God works. Keep on hoping. Keep on believing! No matter what. Faith is the victory. Your faith is the evidence that you will receive what you are praying for. There is no way through to the victory except by faith!!
    Job 15:13 Though he slay me, yet will I hope in him.


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