Wednesday, June 04, 2008


I am so thrilled to be designing for Michelle over at Stamper's Dream. She sent me some really fun stamps and other amazing goodies that I'm having so much fun playing with! Did you know Michelle has her own blog by the same name? Be sure to check it out to see some of her fabulous creations!

Today's card is using one of the stamps she carries in her store by Penny Black. The name of the stamp is called Constellations. I'm guessing it's called this because it's the name of the flower, but when I tried to do a little research on line to find out what colors Constellations were in real life (bet you didn't know research is part of the job description when you are invited to join a design team:)), but all Google came up with are websites about the constellations in our solar system!

So, I just threw caution to the wind and colored the flowers any darn color I wanted to! If one of you reading this knows what color these flowers should really be colored, will you drop me a comment? Thanks peeps-you're the best! This time, my mojo was taking me toward a green and blue palette, which is slowly becoming a favorite of mine this season. So long pink and green, HELLO blue and green!

Anyways, back to the card.......I colored each of the flowers using my Copic markers, and then used Liquid Embossing by All Night Media over each of the tiny pods to give it a sheen, dimensional finish! It's beautious, but you can't really see it in this pic.....

The sentiments come from SU's Birthday Whimsy set. A black and white gingham bow finishes the card off perfectly. Do you wonder why I used the color black on my card? I'm guessing many of you out there would have never done that, you probably would have left the green and blue alone, or at the very most, added some white. But you know me, I'm weird when it comes to adding black to my cards! I added the black mat around the lime green designer paper because black, by it's very nature, makes everything in it's presense pop, especially BRIGHT colors (except dark does NOT make dark colors POP!). And it grounds all the colors around it because black is actually the absence of any color so it doesn't really compete with the colors it's near. It compliments them. Don't forget to add a bit of black to the rooms in your home, it adds contrast, visual punch and drama! And who doesn't love a bit of drama in their lives (actually, I hate drama in my life, I do my best to stay away from DRAMA!!!). Black can be added in small amounts to any room by way of picture frames, lamp bases, pillows and rugs.

I hope you like my card today made using the fun stamp from Penny Black called Constellations. If you haven't checked out Michelle's store Stamper's Dream yet, today's the day to do it. She gets in new goodies nearly every day, and she has an amazing selection for you to choose from. Michelle definitely has her pulse on what's happening in the world of stamping and makes it a point to have in stock what stampers are looking for!

On the personal front, the boys only have two more days of school left! As usual, I'm left with conflicting emotions on this. On one hand, it will be wonderful not to have to nag about homework for a solid three months, but on the other hand, my peace and quiet is soon to take a serious nosedive! It's hard to explain to teenagers WHY I need to be in my office stamping instead of driving them around to their various summer activities! LOL!

Tonight we've got baseball, hopefully the rain will stay away. It's been a dismal week weather-wise...gloomy and cold since Monday. Storms in the forcast for Thursday and Friday. I'm not sure it will ever get nice here again!

Gotta run--I've got bible study this morning!



  1. Awesome card! For the life of me, I can never figure out how Penny Black comes up with the names for thier stamps! LOL!

    And you are so, so right about the touch of black!

    Thanks, my friend!

  2. Hi Amy!! I've not stopped by to chat in what seems like forever. I've been busy with my 2 little guys and let me say this 41 year old gal is ever grateful for the fact that both kids slept through the night last night - whoohooo! I got sleep for the first time in over 4 weeks. (if it's not one thing its another and I'm sure you know what I'm talking about - you've got 2 boys! Yes mine are still little but I'm sure you remember those sleepless nights.) Anyway I wanted to give you a shout. This card is great - you do green and blue very well by the way!!! And a BIG congratulations to you for making it on the design team for Stamper's Dream. Amy that rocks!!

  3. super cute card - love that stamp!!

  4. just remember that rain is good for the flowers and keeps your water bill low! we have a watering BAN here in GA, and we're not allowed to water annuals to get them established! so enjoy your flowers for me this year!

    i get what you mean about having the boys around and how you're conflicted about it. my 13yr old is too young for a real job--besides mowing lawns--and we don't want him on the computer or before the TV all the time, so it's a bit challenging, all the closeness that occurs during summer break.

    i really like your advice about using black to make colors pop. gonna give that a try, perhaps this afternoon!

  5. Lovely card, Amy! I love the black touches. Of COURSE, *I* love the black touches! lol That's my favorite WOW addition to my cards. I imagine people get sick of it, but I can't help myself!

    What is liquid embossing? That's new to me. Is it embossing without heating? Gotta go find out.

    Have a lovely day!

  6. Beautiful card! I love that stamp and will be adding to my wish list. As for constellation flowers - I've seen them in purple, blue, and white. HTH!

    This is the first comment I've left on your blog but I wanted to let you know that I've been reading it faithfully for the past few months and look forward to each new post. Keeping you and your family in my prayers.

  7. Love this card!!! You know what I saw when I saw your card?--these flowers would make great FIREWORKS!! And some sparkles, and you'll have a 4th of July card! haha!!

    Okay, my two boys have been out of school for almost two weeks!!! Thank goodness for baseball--it keeps them busy!!

  8. Just gorgeous, Amy! LOVE those colors! Welcome to the team! Yay!


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