Monday, May 14, 2007

Thank God it's Monday!

Whew. I haven't been so glad to see a Monday arrive in a very long time! This weekend was a crazy one, so I was desperate for a day with nothing much planned. My golf tournament tee-time isn't until 1230p, so I can get some much-needed stamping done until then.

Had to turn on the air conditioner this morning. It was so hot in the house last night, but I refused to turn it on cuz it's way too early in the season in MN for air! But it was warm again this morning (70 and humid), and it's suppose to get to 88 by this afternoon. There is also a chance for thunderstorms, so instead of keeping the house closed up all day while I'm golfing (because of the potential for rain) and then have the kids come home to a sauna, I turned the air on. Good idea, uh?

The first card I'm sharing today isn't a favorites of mine, but it's all my brain could muster up after the busy weekend. I will also share with you another card I made this weekend as a potential sketch challenge card, but I didn't like it enough either to use for the challenge.

The bee card got started as a quilt. I pieced together two different MME papers to form quilt blocks and then zig zag stitched down each seam. I like how that turned out. I did this on Saturday before the first baseball game, but I didn't get around finishing it till this morning. I was plum out of ideas, so I just grabbed my Mr. Bee stamp and stamped him up on a piece of Very Vanilla cardstock. He's colored with Old Olive ink and prisma color pencils. He's outlined with my Sakura glitter pen, which I am becoming addicted to. You've got to get yourself one of these if you haven't gotten one already. They rock! I bought the "beeeeee happy" sentiment last week at my LSS to go along with Mr. Bee. They are both from Stampendous!

The second card is using the same papers as on the Mr. Bee card. I don't know what doesn't sit right with me about this card, but something definitely bugs me about it. Maybe it's the straight stitching along the scallop edges that bugs me. Maybe I'm feeling the main panel is a tish crooked. Just can't put my finger on it. It's not bad enough to toss, so that's why I decided to share it. That and because I didn't have anything else to share.

I'm starting to feel the tug of summer interfering with my stamping plans. You know what happens, summer plans get in the way of getting anything done in the stamp room. And since I consider my stamping my therapy time, I can get cranky when I don't stamp. Does that happen to any of you? I don't like it one little bit!!!

Help me out, what can we do this summer so that we still get some stamping done, but not at the expense of enjoying the outdoors and all it offers us during the summer? I'll start with my idea.....I think I am going to try and stamp at least one hour first thing every morning, before I'm dressed, so that I don't leave it till the end of the day when I'm too exhausted to stamp. It will be a great way to start the day, and if I end up getting more stamp time later in the day, I'll consider it a bonus. Do you have any ideas you can share with about how YOU'RE going to make sure your stamping doesn't suffer this summer? Share them with me so I can share them with the rest of my readers, ok? I'll list them all tomorrow!

Have a great day. Wish me luck on the links today! I'm sure my body will be paying the price tomorrow:)!!!


  1. Beth M9:32 AM

    Good luck on the golf course today! I heard that Mpls just need to hit 92 today to break a record. Yikes! It's way too early in the year for 90's!

    I think stamping first thing in the morning is wonderful. That's when I get most of my stamping done too. I often wake up around 5 am and go down to my stamp room for a couple of hours before I have to head off to work. It's the best way to start the day!

  2. Yeah, we have had the air on since
    April down here in OK...being a Wisconsin girl, it seems weird to have it on so early...but it has been in the 80-90 for a few weeks now...and the humidity is even worse than the midwest!

    As for finding stamping time during the summer...I plan on giving up sleep from June through August so I can spend the day outside weeding and doing yard work (and soaking up the sun) and stamping at night. Who needs sleep anyway right?

  3. Regina D.3:46 PM

    My son plays a lot of baseball during the summer. The league games are during the week with tournaments on the weekends. There's a lot of time in between those games at the tournaments, so I bring some stamped images and pens, chalks, pencils, etc. with me. I actually get a lot done.

  4. Oh no, not you with the bees too! Beate's got me hooked on the bees! I haven't bought any yet, but the two of you are making it VERY hard to resist! :) LOVE your cards!

  5. These are beautiful cards! Wow!

  6. I really like these cards. I looked at these bees online today, but could quite pull the trigger yet. They are so cute. I love your choice of papers and colors. They are so rich and eclectic! Mine always end up to matchy matchy. I like how you combine colors! Hope the day went well!

  7. They're both awesome...the second one is especially delightful! :-)

  8. What a beautiful card!

  9. Anonymous6:02 AM

    Well I think the cards are cute!


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