Sunday, May 13, 2007

Wrapping up a beautiful day.....

I can barely move my fingers across the keyboard tonight because I am exhausted. But I wanted to tell you that I had a wonderful day, the perfect wrap to a whirlwind weekend. First the birthday party, then 2 baseball games last night and two today.

The weather this morning for our 8am game was 52 and WINDY. I despise wind, have always despised wind....since my college days. It just does such a number on my hair. It's been a big joke between hubby and I for years. I would be so crabby on windy days. This morning I managed to not get crabby, but I was bundled up in my really warm comforter, from head to toe for the whole game. When I got there, my son, the baseball player, was sitting in my Mother's Day present. A new folding chair to sit in during the games! It's the Cadillac of all folding chairs. It's got a table that flips up on one side, and a pocket on the other that hold doodads. It's so comfy! Isn't that sweet? So I was very comfortable this morning cuddled up in my blanket sitting in my new chair.

We played again at 1:30, and it was still windy, but the temp picked up. By the end of the game (we lost, came in 4th overall), it was 82 and I was ROASTING!!!! I got sunburned and windburned. Which explains why I am so exhausted tonight. Then we came home and visited with Doug's folks for a little while. The boys gave me my "real" Mom's Day gift then. It was a new external electronic flash for my digital SLR camera! Yea!! I am so excited they got this for me. I hope it helps with my card pics!!! Dinner was pizza from the Green Mill. Yum!

Ok, I'm too tired to write any more. I think it's time to get the cherubs to bed. I have to play in a golf tournament tomorrow, and I have not golfed in two years. I am going to stink!!!! I've got to go get some rest now. Have a great night. I hope to post again in the morning.

I hope your Mom's Day was beautiful!


p.s. Here's a shot from this afternoon's game. The catcher is my son!

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