Sunday, May 27, 2007

Super Sketch Sunday #16

I'm sorry guys, but I woke up crabby today! I hope it doesn't come across in my post....why I'm crabby, I don't know. Having my teenage children wake up at 701am nearly every day and then fight and pick at each other for the rest of the day could have a little something to do with it. I think I have the only teenagers in the US of A that don't sleep half the day away. Sometimes, just sometimes, I would be ok with them doing that. Ok, I'll be honest, twice a week would be greatly appreciated. Somehow, though, I don't think that's going to happen. I'm afraid they inherited my genes. I can't sleep late in the morning. This summer I'm going to have to do something to insure they don't drive me crazy by 8am.

That's reason #1, I think. Actually, that might be reason #2. I think the #1 reason for me being crabby is that I've been sitting here in my studio since 5am (see, I can't sleep late) trying to come up with an adequate sketch for today. I could not come up with anything. I finally decided to go with a card I made a few weeks ago and use that as the sketch for today. I am having a complete and total designer creative block. I did manage to get a few cards made, but they are totally "out" there and using them as the sketch for today might have sent a few readers into cardiac arrest. They weren't very "user" friendly in other words.

As I was sitting here struggling to come up with something I wondered if my problem is stemming from a few thoughts I've had lately about maybe not doing sketches on Sunday's anymore. I sort of feel like there are a million sketch challenges out there now, and people are: 1. getting bored with them, or 2. getting overwhelmed by how many they want to participate in but can't, 3. becoming just plain not interested in playing. Lots of you are still participating in my Sunday challenge, but I don't want you to participate just because you feel you have to.

Do you all think a little break from Sunday Sketches would be welcome here at Heartfelt Greetings? Or, would you seriously be upset if I stopped for a while? Please be honest and give me your two cents on the subject. I am curious as to what your thoughts are.

Ok, enough said. On to the sketch for today. Oddly, I think things have a way of working out the way they are suppose to. The card I reluctantly decided to make into today's sketch is actually perfect for Memorial Day, a day we dedicate to the veterans of our armed forces who have dedicated their lives to protecting you and me. We would not enjoy the things we do if it weren't for these amazing men and women who risk their lives every day for our benefit. A heartfelt THANK YOU to all of you for the ultimate gift you give to us.....our freedom.

The flag for the main image is from the Land That I Love stamp set by SU. I stamped it using Night of Navy ink. On top of the flag, I stamped the America sentiment, which is by Inkadinkado. I found it in Washington, DC (or a suburb thereof). This area has LOTS more stamps based on military and America than where I live. I loved this quote by Harry S. Truman. It is so true. I used my Cuttlebug for the textured horizontal strip right below the main image.

I hope you like the sketch for today. It's really easy and should be very adaptable to any stamps you want to use.

I am going to sign off for today. We are spending the afternoon with our best friends for a birthday BBQ. It was Mike's birthday (our friend) yesterday, and mine is Tuesday. Every year we get together to celebrate our birthdays together. They don't live far from us, but with kids, both families are constantly busy, making it hard to find the time to get togther. It's been a hard change for me to adjust to, because I used to love getting together all the time and hanging out. It just doesn't happen much anymore. So, I am going to work hard on getting out this "mood" I've managed to let myself get in. I need to open up the bible and put some perpective on some things, I think. And I'm going to be in a new frame of mind by the time we leave for the BBQ.

Hugs to you all,



  1. Amy, I'm really sorry your mood is less than happy today. Having teens is truly a challenge (I've been through it 4 times), but it does get better. If you feel a break is what you need, please take it. I enjoy the challenges, but not if it feels like you are doing it for any other reason than you WANT to do it. It won't work! Also, Summer is a busier time than Fall and Winter when we are housebound much of the time and enjoy snuggling down with our stamps and ink pads. A break is okay by me for the summer. You will return to Super Sketch Sundays renewed and refreshed. After all this, Happy Birthday for Tuesday! Have a good one.

  2. Oh Amy, I wake up in a funk sometimes too...I hope you can shake it! Your card is really cool. I don't often send you examples of the cards I make using your sketches, but I really do use them. I often find myself going into the archieves and picking out sketches...I love 'em.

    Happy birthday a few days early!

  3. I think you need to do what is right for you and from the sounds of it you may need a break. I have only done one of your sketches and since then I look forward to seeing your sketches. Everyone needs time off so take it if thats what you need.

  4. Hi Amy - I've been excited to *start* doing your sketches and plan to tonight, for various reasons I haven't been able to play in the past (this weekend I also did Beate's for the first time, fun!). Anyway, that being said, I think you have to do what's best for *you*! If it's creating extra stress in your life feeling pressure to come up with a sketch, then don't worry about it! We'll love your blog regardless if there's a Sunday Sketch or not. :-)

  5. Anonymous10:36 AM

    I have never posted any of my cards, but since I found your blog I look forward to the Sunday sketch. I really do hope you keep it up.


  6. Anne Marie10:37 AM

    Hugs back at ya, Amy, and I'm praying you enjoy a wonderful afternoon with your friends. Maybe suspend the Sunday sketch for a few weeks/month to give yourself a break ... you are more consistent and more organized with daily blogging than anyone else's blogs I've seen, and while I totally look forward to seeing your cards and getting to know you personally through your chatty posts, you should think about giving yoruself a little break. Maybe focus Sundays on sentiments and inspirational thoughts, whether that appears as a card, ATC card, journal entry, or whatever. I know I always appreciate your wonderful insights and comments, so anything you choose to do will be OK by me!

  7. Your card is beautiful! You always make wonderful cards. I do not participate in any sketches any where. :) I should though maybe that would help me produce cards like yours.

    As for your teens. I can't believe they get up so early. Mine were sleeping in when ever they could. As for the arguing.....once they leave home you won't have to listen to them and you might find yourself missing it. Hard to beleive I know. My children are grown and I miss them all the time.

    I hope your day gets better for you andI hope you have a wonderful birthday on Tuesday.


  8. marciad10:59 AM

    Terrific sketch. I'm a newcomer to your blog. Happy Birthday from another Tuesday celebrant.

  9. Take a deep breathe... ;0) We all have days like this, don't know why really, but it's just a part of life.

    As for the sketches...I love them! Whenever I am stuck for an idea...which is most of the time...they really help to get my creative juices flowing. But you know, this is your blog. If you are getting tired of doing them or feel you need a break then you should. Whatever makes you happy. :0)

  10. We don't all have to wake up chipper every day, and you have a teenager! You're forgiven! I have been stalking you blog and would love to try your sketch, won't get to it today but it will be the first thing on my to try list tomorrow!

  11. We all get cranky! You'll feel better once you get out with friends, I'm sure.
    As for sketches, I love them! I can stretch my imagination using sketches. But, if you feel pressure to be "on" every Sunday, why not just do sketches when you feel like it? Who says they have to be only on Sundays! Stamping and blogging are supposed to be fun, don't push yourself so its isn't fun anymore. Take a break if you need it, you aren't letting anyone down! ((hug))

  12. I've been visiting you blog for sometime now and really like it. Your cards are great. So I decided to take part in the challenge - here is the outcome:
    There's no stamping on the card as 1.I have very few stamps (It's practically impossible to get any here in Poland where I leave;-(
    2.I'm on a collage-kick at the moment
    but hope you like it anyway.
    As for the challenge itself,I'd realy like you keep the sketch challenge up, but if you feel tired of it - just take a break ... or come up with some other challenge ;-)
    sunny greetings from Poland ;-)

  13. Cheer up......LMAO. They WILL grow up and leave home. I too enjoy your blog........AND your sketches. I do not do them at the moment....I am a closet stamper.............BUT.......we are in the process of building a 15x20 foot craft room for yours truly.....WoooooooHoooo!!! I will then come out of the closet that I stamp in!! Keep up the good work.

  14. beate3:40 PM

    Amy, sorry you are having a crabby morning. Give your kids some money and send them to the movies. LOL
    Hugs!!! This sketch won't be easy for me...but I will try. That circle so center is hard. I always seem to shift my sentiments to the right hand side.

  15. Hi Amy...
    I haven't done one of your sketches yet...but that is because I just found your blog recently. I would hate if everyone decided there were too many sketches out there though...cuz then there wouldn't be enough..LOL I say keep em coming. But that's just me.

  16. Oh my goodness - I'm not alone. I too have been in a mood that's a little off (better after I had a nap today - I never take naps so that was pretty nice!) and my 2 boys have been picking at each other too. But now I'm worried because mine are 5 years old and 20 months old ... yikes they don't stop when their teens huh? I'm in huge trouble!

    I say give yourself a break from the sketch thing. Everyone needs a break from the regular routine - why not make a new summer schedule just for fun then go back to the old one once Autumn hits.

    Love Love Love the great card you made. Oh how I love RED WHITE and BLUE!!!

  17. ooohh, I'd love some "out there" sketches ;) But do whatever feels best for you!

  18. Anonymous8:29 AM

    I just recently found your blog, so haven't tried the sketches yet. But with most everyone else, I agree that if it's not fun, set it aside for awhile and just post one once in a while. Don't let it become a stress point. Who needs more of those?


  19. Amy, I LOVE your sketches and would be so sad if you quite doing them! Yes, there are a lot of sketches out there, but they're not YOUR sketches! :)

  20. Amy, Being a Mom of three teenagers myself I feel your pain, but tomorrow is another day! I would hate to see you not do the sketch challenge, I just started doing them myself and I love the challenges you put out there for us! I also know the feeling of being overwelmed and the pressure that this may put on you to get it done every week,but ultimately you are the one that needs to make the decision that best fits your life. Just know that we will all support your decision!

    Happy Birthday! Hugs!

    Here is my card for your challenge this week:

  21. Hello Amy, Its OK if you feel crabby, you are definately among friends who all go through that themselves on a regular basis. Hang in there and accept all our "rubber Hugs" today.
    If you want the truth, I will tell you how I am with the challenges. I never particapate in them. Simply because the day has 24 hrs. and I usually have 28 hrs. of projects already. I do enjoy your blog though and the beautiful cards you make! Thats why I tune into your blog each day.

  22. Hi Amy,

    I too hope you decide to keep doing the Sunday Sketches as I look forward to them every week. This is the first time I have participated and I really enjoyed it! Here it is:

    Thanks for letting me play and for all of the inspiration!

  23. You know, Amy, I had this same dilemna a month or so ago with my "card of the week". I started to really hate it, because it had to be "user friendly", and I was wanting to make them with all SU! stuff. Not that any of that was a big deal, but it kind of was. I asked this same question and got the same answers. Do what you want to I did. That was the last "card of the week" I did. Having said all of that...I totally ADORE your sketches, and will TOTALLY miss them! BUT, in the end, do what you want. It's your blog. Hugs! Kirsten

  24. I finally made my card. Better later than never, huh? Thanks for the sketch, Amy!

  25. I soooo know where you are coming from, as to your sketch dilemma, Amy it is your blog, we come cause we love your blog and if you want to not do any sunday sketches for a while then DON'T we will not thump you over the head about it!!! he he I have to say I also sooo know where you are coming from re children who get up at the crack of dawn (well it feels like it!!) and then proceed to want to kill each other every opportunity they get, my youngest (3½ was up at 6 this morning yikes, not good when I am feeling sick and her dad had to go to work for 7!!!!! blah

  26. Hi Amy,
    I used your sketch and did it 16 times over....whew! What a nice sketch to work with. Please keep doing them they are very fun and I just noticed them now! Here's a link to the cards I made with your sketch

  27. Happy Birthday sweet Amy!!!

    Here is my take on your sketch this week:

  28. This card is so awesome....I love it. As the mother of a soldier I thank you for your thoughts on Memorial Day & the men & women who serve our country.

  29. Oops.... I almost forgot....HAPPY BIRTHDAY AMY!!

  30. Kim Mullin5:29 AM

    I love your Super Sketch Sundays so don't stop. They are just wonderful and I just love the patriotic card that you just made. Thank you so much for sharing your talents.


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