Wednesday, April 18, 2007

I was tagged!

I was tagged by that sweet, adorable, WILDLY POPULAR Beate! The poor girl had to hear me rant and rave when she emailed me telling me she tagged me because not 5 minutes before that, I had a humoungous freelance project come crashing down on my head! So, Beate, thanks for tagging me, and I'm so sorry I ranted and raved, and basically whined like a little baby!

Anyways, I've been tagged to share five of my favorite bloggers! Wow, this is gonna be a hard job, don't you think? I love so many of them out there, that narrowing it down is agonizing at best! But, I must do what I've been tagged to do, so here goes:

1.Beate @ Fresh & Fun. Need I say more?
2. Becky Novacek @ Live & Learn. I don't know Becky from Adam, and she doesn't stamp, but she seems like such a beautiful person, so eloquent in her writings. And, she's a photographer, and takes the most amazing photographs!
3. Michelle Wooderson @ Mish Mash. I don't know Michelle either, but I am really starting to enjoy her work and her great tips!
4. Michelle Giraud @ Twisted Chick. I cannot deny it, Michelle is one of my favorite stampers of all time! This girl rocks, and she was just named a Dirty Girl!!!
5. Ana @ Inkastamp. I don't know Ana either, but this girl is an amazing watercolorer (is that even a word?)! She's worth a look-see for those not familiar with her!

Well, I think I just completed my assignment....I hope you like these blogs as much as I do!!



  1. Hey there! I got your *tag* and promise to post 5 of my faves really soon! Thank you for listing to check out your blog now. Have a great day!!


  2. Anne Marie8:24 PM

    Oooh, thanks so much for introducing me to several new blogs and the wonderfully talented ladies who host them! Wow, I'm loving this blog community. I'm learning so much and getting so much inspiration!

  3. I didn't know I was suppose to email you to let you know, but I tagged you yesterday. I love visiting your blog and think you have so much to share with everyone. I just wanted to thank you for that.

  4. Oh, thanks for the links...these are some excellent bloggers!


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