Wednesday, March 28, 2007

It's a really gloomy day outside today. I'm sitting in the near dark down here in my office thinking that I just want to hunker down inside today and not go anywhere. But alas, I'm afraid that's not possible. It's bible study day, and then I've got a business lunch after that.

I've got some sad news to share with you today. My life as a designer paper name maker was short lived. I've been fired from a job that hadn't really even started yet! One of my readers, Janelle (Hi Janelle!), so politely let me know yesterday that the American Craft paper so aptly called "Lentil" was called so because the design really were lentil leaves!!!! Bwaaaahhhhhhhaaaa! So, it looks like the designer paper name makers they already have in place at Amercian Craft are competent after all! Schucks. I was so looking forward to this new career I was carving out for appears I need to be on the lookout for some other way to make a living now! Seriously, thanks to Janelle for sharing this with me. She didn't want me to publish the comment she left because I think she didn't want to embarrass me, isn't that sweet? But, me being me, I published it and then hung myself out for public riducule on my blog. Go figure.

Here's the boy baby card I wanted to share with you today. I used my new SU set, Bundle of Joy! I love these stamps, they are so fun to watercolor! I think I'll be able to make some really fun baby cards with this set. Up until now, I didn't make alot of baby cards because I didn't have any good baby stamps. This really was a very simple card to make. I used two coordinating papers from Cloud 9 Design called Baby Boy Chitchat (I also bought Baby Girl Chitchat). I watercolored the giraff with my aqua painter and SU inks. To cut the image and mat out I used my baby scallop sissors which I just love. I cut a little bit crooked, but, oh well. I'm learning to look past my imperfections because I am such a perfectionist by nature. It gets annoying even to me sometimes:)!

I think I came up with a good idea to replace Tuesday's Tip of the Day....I know some of you wanted me to keep the feature, but I promise instead to share tips with you on days other than Tuesday, ok? What do you think about Try Something New Tuesday? On Tuesdays, I will attempt to make a card using a new technique that I'VE never used before. I'm not one to step out of my comfort zone very often and try new things. For example, I have yet to try Beate's triangle card, I've yet to SEW on any card, I've get to make a shaker card, I've yet to try many, many things. I am excited to get started on my card for next Tuesday. It's going to be hard to decide what to do there are so many ideas for me to choose from!

Did anybody watch Idol last night? Whew, it was BORING, IMHO. And what's up with Sanjya's hair? What a total wacko. Gotta give him kudos for having the guts to go out on stage like that, though. I really can't pick a favorite from last night. I do know that either Sanyja or Chris Sliegh should be heading home this week. They just aren't good enough. Who are YOUR favorites turning out to be?


  1. Amy, I am so sorry that your career as a Paper Namer is over...I feel for you (wink). (if it makes you feel any better...I had no idea what those frilly things were either)

    Your card is adorable. I love your watercoloring on this one.

    And okay...I guess I will survive w/o your Tuesday long as you share with us any great tips along the way...and what a cool idea for trying new things! Good for you. I can't wait to see what you have for us.
    happpy day!

  2. Jenn Nahrstadt9:58 AM

    Amy--Don't know how I discovered your blog, but I really enjoy reading it! Re Tips Tuesday becoming New Technique Tuesday, I vote YES! The trifold card by Beate is EASY, but you won't know until you try it! It'll encourage us to try new things too!

    To deal with the gloom today, eat chocolate!

  3. Great baby cards! I love that giraffe but I'm not fond of the teddy bear, so didn't get the set! So for now I'll just use my "Wild About You" giraffe...

    I KNEW you'd have something to say about Sanjaya's horse hair-do, so had to check in first thing! He's definitely a different duck! I love Jordin Sparks but I like her curly hair - she shouldn't straighten it! I also think that Gina did pretty good last night?

  4. Love the baby card! The patterned papers are wonderful! So is your coloring!

  5. Sorry to hear about your short lived career. Hopefully you didn't quit your day job. :-) I really like the baby card! It's adorable. nice work!

  6. Peggy Maier11:12 PM

    Love these papers - so cute! Crooked & all it still is a great card : ) I really like the idea of try something new. That sounds like fun!

  7. I love your card! And it's comforting to see that you cut the paper a little crooked..! LOL!

    Try something new Tuesday is a great idea!!! I'm looking forwards to it!

  8. Such a cute card Amy! Love that little giraffe!

  9. mnhyrkas11:11 AM

    Ohh, word of warning- once you start sewing on your cards, everything will start to look bare without it! I love sewing but my machine is on the blink right now. i love reading your blog and seeing you bright sunny color and pattern combinations. after "studying" your cards a bit more, I'm learning to look at my pp stash a bit differently. Thank you! Adelle

  10. Cute card! Gotta love those scallop scissors! Who would have ever known than deco edge scissors would be 'cool' again!?! Not me! Good thing I just gave them all to my daughter so I can sneak and use them when I need to!

  11. Beautiful card! I love it!


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