Sunday, February 18, 2007

Super Sketch Sunday #3

It's Super Sketch Sunday! I hope all of you are taking advantage of the sketches I've been providing for you the last few weeks. I know some of you are! I don't know about you, but I get so bored putting the same layout together card after card. I get myself in such a rut sometimes. Really, there are so many options out in cyber world offering card sketch ideas that we shouldn't have any excuses for putting the same card layout together time after time! This is a card I did a few months ago. I really loved the layout when I made it, so I thought it would be a great one to share with all of you, my bloggin' sistahs! It's a great card for using up those scraps that are overtaking your desk right now! It couldn't be an easier to put together. The full length panel on the right side of the card is Cuttlebugged (!) and the panel on the left is made up of two scrap pieces of designer paper and one small white strip of paper for the sentiment.
In the top left corner, feel free to use any round shape you want to in the space--it doesn't have to be from the Riveting collection. A Prima flower would be perfect there (and I know many of you sistah's have LOADS of those sitting around after the big Prima flower orders have come in!) Again, if you make a card with this sketch, email me a link so I can share it with everyone else that reads Heartfelt Greetings! Here are a few other places you can get card sketches for inspiration!

Witty Living
Scrap Maps
Linne Faulk Card Sketches
The Gold Mine

Have a great day today!


  1. Oh Very nice! And I am happy to say that just today I purchased your favorite flower by Hero ... will have fun using it but only hope mine turns out as pretty as yours!

  2. i am loving your sunday sketches! thanx for sharing them every weeek. can't wait to play with this one tomorrow

  3. stefanie4:06 PM

    Thank you for sharing your SS! I love them and hopefully I'll be sending you a link!


  4. Great card - the colors are fantastic! And once again, we're on the same page...I just posted my Every Day Inspiration card and we used the same stamp set! Very fun!!

    Kim (Colorful World)

  5. Having an ickypoo kind of afternoon ("that time of le month"), but I WILL be making this design asap, Amy. Thanks for giving us these great challenges!

  6. Love this card too! Your paper combos are always wonderful - and I love the way you incorporate some cuttlebugged papers as well. I'm gonna try this sketch when I get back from a few days away!

  7. Great sketch. Great blog! Like your style. :o)

  8. Okay Amy, I finally did my card! It's here. :)


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