Saturday, July 25, 2009

Scrap Stash Saturday

I don't feel like my photos do today's Scrap Stash Saturday card justice, cuz it is really cute in real life! My camera is about to make it's first journey to the Nikon Camera Hospital and I'm sick about it!

I must be honest and tell you that the papers for todays challenge sucked! Excuse the french. But it's true. Bold, brown flower like shapes (from Webster's Pages), some light pink and lime green polka dot baby paper, and the only sane one of the bunch, a plain, coral distressed paper. It took me a few days to come up with the final design. You can't really tell from this photo how ugly the papers are together!

Even though it took a while, I really love how the card turned out! I used Lisa Johnson's newest stamp set from PTI called On My Couch. I love the little vingette I could create using all of the amazing stamps Lisa included in her set. Pillows, cats, coffee cups, wall pictures, etc. She didn't forget a thing. I think her stamps are what saved this card from the garbage can;0)!

Just so you know, I used the bold, brown flower type paper as the bottom mat cuz it's SOOOO loud and I wanted to hide as much of it as I could, then the pink polka dot paper (which was really hard to photograph because it's such a light pink) on top of that. The coral paper was used as scallops on the pink paper and in the chair. There is a pillow on the chair that is stamped from the loud, brown, flower paper. In small amounts it's fine! In big amounts, ahhh, not so much.

Hope you like today's Scrap Stash Saturday card! I am so happy to have started this challenge's fun to create something out of seemingly impossible papers! I encourage all of you to give it a try sometime with those scraps you have laying around your stamp room. If I can do it, you can too.
Have a great weekend. We are off on a family road trip.


  1. What a great card!!! Love this new set!

  2. So sweet... love the sentiment, too! Hope you have fun with the family.

  3. You did it again Amy! Amazing!

  4. Sis -- What if you set out the "scraps" they should dig up, give them a sentiment, season or purpose and then have those who want send you pix of the cards they created -- then everyone can vote. I belong to an on-line writer's group that does something like that: the leader spots us a challenge -- something he read or thought, then we write short stories, link to his website, then the rest vote and he sends out a "prize" (usually a used book!) But it's fun. If you wanna see how it works, I can give you the link to his page -- it's called THE FRIDAY CHALLENGE (I'm in the current contest!)


  5. Once again you made a terrific card from the mismatched scraps. I enlarged it to see the detail better & it is fantastic! Your new stamp set is great.

    Have a good & safe trip.

  6. Cute card Amy! Have fun on your road trip :)

  7. So cute! Love the sentiment! Great job as usual!

  8. I love this! The buttons with the scallops and the little coffee cups on the table. All such great little details.

  9. I LOVE when you do this. This is a fantastic card! Congratulations on pulling it off, you ALWAYS do!



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