Sunday, May 17, 2009

Prom 09

While I haven't spoken with my dapper young son yet this morning (it's early and he's still sleeping), I think Prom 09 was a hit. Personally, I'm glad it's over because I've never been so stressed in my life as I was trying to juggle everything yesterday. I was super relieved once the party bus took off with the kids so they could get away from the parents and begin their special night! Although it was sunny, the temp was only 62--but with the wind (super strong), it was in the 50's with windchill). This is Eric at our house before he left for his date Sahara's house. He looked so handsome in his super slim cut tuxedo!

Here they are at the Grand March ceremony at the high school. As they walked down the isle they were both so scared and uncomfortable. It was a first prom for both....which explains their uncomfortableness!
After the Grand March, the two of them wanted me to take pictures of them at the local park/swimming beach. Now, while these pics turned out for the most part, IT WAS WINDY AND FREEZING in actuality! I was freezing and I was wearing a long sleeve shirt and a jean jacket! Sahara was a trooper in that sleeveless gown, that's for sure. I was inspired to take some fun prom photos by one of my favorite bloggers out there, Karen Russel (My life, Just not the road I expected). She is a mom, scrapper, businesswoman, and one of the best non-professional photographers out there. Her storytelling is second to none, honestly. She posted her son's prom pictures last week, and inspired me to try and take some fun ones of my son and his date this weekend! Mine totally didn't turn out as good as hers did, but I was able to capture a few good ones. Thanks Karen!

Here is a shot I took that Eldest Son got mad at me for taking. He was lathering on about how kissing in front of your parents is super embarassing for teenagers. I could careless about the kiss, it was the moment of tenderness I was trying to capture! I think I succeeded, don't you?

Here I had the kids play a little hide-and-seek behind the big tree.
And finally, here are Eric and Sahara, and one of Eric's best friends Kevin and his date Kaylyn, squishing their big bodies onto really small ornate iron garden chairs. So thankful they didn't break underneath their weight! My name really would have been mud then!
These are the only photos I managed to get edited last night before I crashed. Today is the day for the wedding shower I'm throwing, and it remains to be seen if it comes off without a hitch. In trying to prepare for it yesterday in the midst of working and prom, everything that could go wrong did. I'm completely serious when I say that and am not exaggerating. So much so that I finally sat down and sobbed hysterically after I opened up the cream puffs I'd made the day before and saw growing on them. And it wasn't until 11pm last night that I finished the favors. By the way, I am having a dessert buffet for the shower. Hopefully it all comes together before 2pm today. A girl can only hope.
Have a super day.


  1. Amy - what wonderful photos! Eldest son looks so handsome and Cali is downright gorgeous! He looks so dapper in his tux. Your photos are sensatiobal. I adore your photo editing. I need to take lessons from you. So let me get this straight - you work full time, you raise a family (and all that it involves), you do photography and throw wedding showers too? Sheesh! I'm exhausted just thinking about it - yet in complete awe.

  2. Great pics. Hope all works out for you today and you have a wonderful time.

  3. you probably aren't going to see this until after the shower's over, but i'm rootin' for you, girlfriend! even if the cream puffs are fuzzy, it's not about the food. it's about the love you're demonstrating by hosting the shower, and that speaks louder and will be remembered longer than anything you serve...unless you serve fuzzy cream puffs. THAT would not be forgotten! hang in there...great to see pics from prom and to hear what's going on in your life.

  4. My goodness, Amy, I'm glad those last few days are behind you! That's a lot of emotional overload! Maybe now you'll have some time to rest & recover from it all. You certainly did get some great pictures!

  5. Eric and Sahara looked fabulous!!!
    You took some wonderful photos. I hope they had a fairy tale evening.

    I hope the shower went much better than the prep for it did.

    I'll be praying for you as you go through the rest of Eric's events for his graduation.

  6. Wow Amy your pics are great! Thanks for sharing :) I sure hope that the shower went smooth for you.

  7. Great photos... you are entitled to a proud mommy moment! My oldest is in grade two but I'm sure this day will come all too fast in our household as well! I also LOVE the orange-y colours they are wearing!

  8. Amy, these photos are awesome! I love the one of them kissing... love it that she has his jacket on. And the swing one - so fun! You take beautiful photos!

  9. Amy, very nice photos. They looked very nice. I love the orange. Have a great day
    Chantell - South Africa

  10. Oh my Amy! You must be so proud!! The kids all looked so happy and you did an AWESOME job capturing the moments in those pictures!!! FANTASTIC!!


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