Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Disappointed with Idol

Danny. Gokey. Was. Robbed.

That's all there is to it. As I said on my FB status, I just watched my last week of Idol tonight. I have no desire to watch a over-rated rocker with a disgusting tongue and screeching voice compete against an extremely average guitar player next week in the finals. Both nice guys, but please...Chris Allen better than Danny? Hardly. I can only hope and pray Danny is as successful after his "loss" tonight as Daughtry was after his!

I don't think I'll be able to sleep tonight I'm so upset, {sniff-sniff}.



  1. Don't worry, I am sure Danny will be picked up by someone! He'll be making "records" for a long time!!! (DId I just totally date myself or what?! REcords?) LOL!

  2. Anonymous6:25 AM

    I agree with you about Adam, but disagree with you about Kris. I think Kris was equally as good as Danny vocally but showed more musical talent over all. Adam is just weird.

  3. Oh, I'll agree with ya that Danny should have been in the finale instead of Kris. But Adam? Well, I've LOVED Adam (and Danny!) from the very beginning so I'm happy he's there. How Kris ever made it to the top 4 is beyond me. He's so BORING. I'll miss Danny and take great comfort in the fact that Adam is still in it. I think of the 3 of them, Adam and Danny will have great success for a long time.

  4. I agree Amy, I won't be watching anymore either. : (

  5. eh...the cream always rises to the top. God allowed it for a reason...don't be sad! Like you said, look at Daughtry. =) I agree,'s shameful the way the judges did their darndest to throw the competition: giving Adam the coveted last-to-perform slot every week, begging for votes this past Tuesday night, even praising when there should've been criticism. I'll not deny he's a cute kid...or that he's FANTASTIC at Entertaining, but he's not really a singer...he's a screamer. I also think Kris is as shocked as anyone that he's still there...he does have a really great's just a quieter voice...I think people were drawn to his quiet humility. Honestly thought Danny should win...I did...he Never hits a wrong note and sings with incredible passion. But I Also think the God has big plans for him, which would not have been possible had he won first place...

  6. Here is what I wrote on my FB

    Tilda Hawthorne is majorly bummed that Gokey was voted off Idol.....ADAM needed to Go.....all is does is SCREAM out the lyrics with that STUPID FAT TONGUE sticking out!!! Its fixed I tell ya, FIXED! Stupid Vegas Rockstar, Tongue waggin wannabe....ICK!

    I'm crying I tell ya....CRYIN!

  7. Amy, I don't watch idol very much, but I agree with you whole heartly. I watched when Daughtry was eliminated and that one really got to me so hopefully Danny will be as successful as Daughtry and will come out like a shining star.

  8. I AGREE TOTALLY!!!! My hubby & I were disappointed that Danny didn't make it to the finals BUT as he (hubby) pointed out - Danny will probably be further ahead in the long run because he's not going to have to give Idol as much profit as the winner will??!! Does that make sense? I'm Canadian, so not sure exactly how Idol works but yes, hopefully he is successful like 'Daughtry' :) I totally think that Danny will go on to do amazing things & be a blessing to many - he's got talent, fans & the good Lord on his side :)
    Adam does have talent but is starting to get monotonous - his songs are all starting to sound the same with the shrilly possessed sound! I prefer Kris over Adam but Danny is the REAL #1 for the "singing competition" this year!

  9. Awwww, Amy. How could you deny that Kris is uber adorable and talented?? I think that Adam will win it. He is an original. Danny is very talented too. It's been a great season. I have to admit I voted for Kris and Adam. BUT I LOVE your blog!!!! :)


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