Friday, January 16, 2009

See Through Heart

So sorry for the long delay since my last creative post. Since I've got a space heater about 2 inches away from my fingers, thawing them, I am finally able to post something for you today:)! And just so you know, I'm not kidding about the heater thing. It's on full blast right next to me here in my office. I am having a real hard time keeping warm in our 25 below weather....and since my office is in the basement, it's a bit chilly down here.

I haven't had too much time to stamp this week, although I am getting a card done here and there. I've been playing with my new PTI stamps when I am able to sit down, and boy, are they fun! I'll be showing you some of my new quilt cards another day, but today I am showing you a Valentine's card that I made a few days ago! I'm tickled with how it turned out!

Here it is, isn't it purrrty? I love, love, love my Urban Prairie/Basic Grey paper. When I started this card, this is NOT what I had pictured in my mind. My first step involved matting a piece of UP paper with Soft Sky cardstock. Then I placed another UP piece of paper on top of that and sewed around both the outside edges and the inside edges. It was there that my creativity stopped for a while. I struggled with what I should do next. Then I thought I'd try to cut out the center of the matted paper using my Cuttlebug heart die. I wasn't sure it would work because there were three layers of paper by this time! Lo and behold, the die cut through the paper perfectly! Once I had all the layers of paper pulled out, I was left with a hole in the front of my card in the shape of a heart. I took a piece of acetate and adhered it to the inside front cover of the card. You can see from this picture how you can see through the heart to the inside of the card. Since you could now see through the front of my card, I had to finish off the inside, of course. Just so you know, the Cuttlebug die I used cuts out three hearts (within each other) at a time. You can see what I mean by looking at the first picture. So, technically, I had all these fun heart shapes left over from cutting the heart on the front of the card (because I had so many layers of paper!). So I used a few of those hearts to place on the inside of the card, so they could be seen from the front of the card!

Once I had those hearts placed correctly inside the card, I used my Making Memories letter stickers and placed an "I" above the heart, and "You" below the heart, so the inside then says "I {{{heart}}} You". Awww, isn't that cute?

See what I mean? The hearts on the inside are placed perfectly to align up with the see-through heart in the front, so it looks really cool. I hope you think so too! What a fun card to make.

Well, that's it on the creative front. I have to work this afternoon. The Hubby is out of town on a business trip with the MN Gophers. He left Wed and will return Sunday night. So it's just me and the boys until then. We had a bit of a crazy day yesterday in that we found out my Hubby's dad was in a car accident in the morning. An SUV hit some black ice and spun around, crashing into my FIL's car head on, and continued to spin hitting the car behind my FIL's car as well. He had to be extricated from the car on the passenger side because they couldn't get him out on his side. The car was totaled completely. He was taken on a back board in the ambulance and was checked out at the hospital. The good news is he is ok. A bit sore, but alive! Praise God. Black ice is a terrible thing. In case you don't have a clue what black ice is since you live in a warm climate, black ice is a thin coating of ice, nearly invisible, that forms on paved surfaces. 4-wheel drive will not save you from this phenomenon, unfortunately. It's common on overpasses, bridges, shady spots and at intersections. How's that for a quick lesson in winter driving?

Since I've blabbed enough for today, I'm going to head out. Again, sorry for the long absence. I am feeling much better after my fall! No lasting damage:). I think I definitely hit a patch of "black ice" when I fell!




  1. Hi Amy this is such a gorgeous card hun, and i just adore these urban prairie papers from Basic Grey too, one of my favourite basic grey pads of all time! lovely card, love the dimension to it. Hugs Linda

  2. Love your card!! Hope you start thawing out soon. Just keep making beautiful cards with these colors and hopefully spring will come soon.

  3. So purdy!!! I know I say this every time I post but I just love the colors you use....they are right up mu alley!

  4. OMGosh, Amy! This is fantastic! Love it! Hugs!

  5. That card is awesome. The colors really pop and one is never wrong using BG papers.
    Living in Michigan, I am quite familiar with Black Ice. It's the worst part of winter.The Lord was really watching over your FIL. Glad things went well.
    Hugs from Michigan

  6. Fantastic card Amy! I love the bright and cheery colours!
    Glad to hear that your FIL is okay after that frightening!
    I hate winter driving and especially black ice. We see a lot of it here too.
    Stay warm!!!

  7. This IS a gorgeous card!!! It is still so flipping cold here......Tomorrow a heat wave is coming in.....a high of 20 degrees! Wooohooo! Break out the flip flops!

  8. Oh sooooo purty!!! Love it.

  9. Glad your feeling better and back in your craft room... and keeping those fingers warm!! :) Just the sweetest card girl... I {{heart}} it! Smiles... :)

    PS: God Bless your FIL!! He was watching over him for sure!

  10. I'm sorry your FIL was involved in an accident. I hope he won't be too sore from his body getting the jostled. Hopefully, we will get the warmer weather next week and roads will be safer.
    I bought my son an electric throw and it is wonderful. We might need an electric twin size blanket to put in the family room so it can be shared. Try to stay warm.
    Go Gophers!

  11. that card is AMAZING!!!!! WHOA!!

    glad to hear that you and your FIL are doing well.

    Guess what? Our POWER WENT OUT on Wednesday night. I kid you not! Thank goodness we have a fireplace!
    We need to move to a warmer climate!!! :)

    ((HUGS)) and have a super weekend!

  12. Your card is stunning. Basic Grey has designing down pat, don't they?! So sorry to hear about FIL. Hope he recovers soon. Hubby on a business trip? Does that mean he got the job. I don't remember you telling us he got it. Please let us know. Thanks.

  13. GORGEOUS card! I love the colors and the design!


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