Friday, January 23, 2009

Birthdays and Quilts

I'm just nuts about Basic Grey's new Urban Prairie paper--the colors make me uber happy when I look at them. That's why I try to use each and every piece my little hands are lucky enough to touch! And since it's so dreary and cold here in MN, these colors make me feel warm. Laugh if you will, but until you live in a super cold state, you might never understand the power of bright colors on the psyche! I realize some of you get hives thinking about using bright colors, but not me. Isn't it funny how different we all are?

I love how quick this little baby came together. While I {{{heart}}}} my new PTI Quilters Sampler set, I do not love the idea of sitting here forever coloring in quilt squares. So, I use the squares in small amounts, like the three I've got on this card today. Maybe I just need to color a bunch while I'm wasting time watching tv one night. But since I don't like to take a lot of time on each of the cards I make, using just a few suits me just fine.

The squares were colored in with Copics. Since the squares are soooo small, you need to use a very light touch coloring them in, otherwise your colors will run into each other. I recently purchased a 3/4 inch square punch so I didn't have to waste time hand cutting the squares with my scissors! The green polka dot paper came from the scrap drawer. I don't remember who makes it but it might be My Mind's Eye. Isn't the pompom trim adorable? Makes mailing a little difficult, but it will just have to be hand delivered to that special someone, right? You can't not buy adorable trim like this just because it doesn't mail well! That would be super silly, LOL.....

Well, today the boys are off school. Yesterday was the last day of the semester. So they'll be lounging around today doing nothing. Finals are stressful, so I'm sure they'll just lay low for most of the day. And for the most part, I'll let them.

I work this afternoon, and then I've got a girls night out with some of my basketball mom friends! I can't wait to see everyone, I am in desperate need of a night out with the girls! I also wanted to say thanks for all of your wonderful ideas on gift ideas for my mom. I still haven't decided what I'm going to do, so I best get busy figuring it out. Since I work both today and tomorrow, time is of the essence.



  1. This is sooooo pretty!!!!

  2. i am in LOVE with that pom pom ribbon! great card, as always...

    have a WONDERFUL time out with the girls tonight...could i make a suggestion? eat SUSHI! you'll never regret it...

  3. The pom poms are so fun! And I haven't been able to put down my urban prairie lately either. LOVE that stuff!

  4. I love the pom pom's awesome Amy! I'll need to find some of's too fun!
    I'm with you, I like the nice bright colours...I'm not much of a black/grey card maker. The brighter, the happier I feel!
    Enjoy your night out!

  5. Such a super cute card Amy - I love the bright colors you used!

  6. Anonymous10:06 PM

    puurrrty and happy!!


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