Sunday, November 16, 2008

Tonight is the Cathedral Choir church auction! I am really excited to go, it is for a great cause, we always a wonderful time...reconnecting with special friends, eating camp food (I think the menu for tonight is grilled cheese and tomato soup-a camp favorite), and bidding on awesome auction items!

As promised, this is the other item I donated to the cause....a Vera Bradley purse stuffed with 30 handcrafted greeting cards! I found this adorable bag at Marshall's last week and knew it would be the perfect thing to hold all the cards I made. I stuffed it with a little newspaper on the bottom of the purse so the cards would sit up a bit higher and then put sparkly shredded filler on top of that.

I wrapped the cards in two sets of 15 cards each and tied them with a beautiful grosgrain ribbon. Each card is in it's own cellophone envelope so sticky fingers don't mess them up:).

So people knew what they were bidding on, I computer generated a tag that said the following:

Greetings For Girlfriends
A total of 30 handcrafted greeting cards
perfect for sending to your best girlfriends,
nestled in a Vera Bradley handbag.

In this picture, I had the tag tied onto the strap, but in the end, that didn't really work out too well, because the strap kept falling down. So instead, I taped the tag onto a wooden stick and stuck the stick in the filler, in the purse, so it was really easy to see. It was the perfect solution.

Well, today I am hoping to get a little bit of stamping done. I didn't get much done yesterday, {{sigh}}. I am really in the mood to stamp, so I best be movin' along.



  1. The purse is perfect and matches your cards so well! Good choice. I am sure it will get high bids! Let us know what it goes for!

  2. Uour contribution is useful too! I think anyone would be delighted to have it! I bet it is the "talk" of the night! Hope it brings lots of money.

    Mary Jo

  3. Anonymous9:39 AM

    Wish I could be there to bid on the bag with the cards. It's a winner.

  4. Beautiful Amy! I would bid on it if I could!


  5. Wow - this turned out amazingly gorgeous!! So pretty!

  6. Wow, it turned out great and that Vera B purse pulled it all together with your beautiful cards. Thanks for sharing with us!

  7. Wow, that's a fantastic set! I hope it brought a lot of money in for the auction!

  8. I sure would bid on it. I love the text "A total of 30..." What is the font? Thanks!!!

  9. Anonymous7:46 AM

    Hi, I love your bag and cards as an auction item. One question - where do you get the cellephane envelopes - I need some of them. Leslie -

    What a huge contribution!
    Yup..I would bid on something like this. =) We would be curious to know how it does... =)
    Hope the new job's going great.

  11. THat is gorgeous Amy! Fab donation.

  12. Amy, this is beautiful! The purse is a perfect pick and matches your cards beautifully. Hope it goes for lots!!

  13. gorgeous! What a fantastic auction item!! Hope it goes well, I know it will!! :)

  14. This is beautiful. Could you please let us know the name of the font you used on the tag.

  15. Oh, this turned out so flippin' cute! I bet you get a ton of bids on it! Great job!

  16. I absolutely love this. The bag does match the cards perfectly. Great job getting it together!!!


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