Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Scraps Are Where It's At

Here are just a few cards to remind you that scraps are where it's at! Although I haven't stamped all week, nor will I get a chance tomorrow, this past weekend I was able to stamp. And I am happy to say that I am still digging around in my scrap drawer! Woo-hoo!Enjoy these two cards because who knows when I'll be back with something else to show you....I am swamped. When I'm not working at my new job, I'm working on my freelance buys. It is crunch folks time, and I'm not sure how much I'll be able to post for the next few weeks. All I can do is ask God to order my days and walk before me. It's not all going to get done any other way, I might as well face it!

I am going to sign off early because I've been suffering from sneezing all night. I have big allergies, but I can't figure out why I seem to have these attacks at night mostly. My nose is raw from all the blowing. I should look really beautiful tomorrow for all my meetings...big chapped red nose. How stunning. The only way I can make it go away is go to bed. So that's where I'm headed now.


  1. How did the auction go?

  2. Great scraps cards! Thanks for sharing! Feel better soon!

  3. Just wanted to offer some encouragement - you don't have to do it all. Make sure you take care of "you" in there somewhere.

  4. Like Judy, I would like to know about the auction.

    To sleep better, a pillow protector can eliminates allergins. Just make sure it isn't made of plastic or isn't the type that crunches every time your head moves.

  5. Love them both!!
    Hope you are feeling better!
    Oh, and I would love to know how the auction went too! :)

  6. hola amy!!! just had a little time to do some blog hopping and thought i'd pop in to say hi!! i am in LOVE with the vera bag and card combo!!! wish i could win it!
    hope you feel better!

  7. Feel better soon!
    Hope you had fun at the auction.

  8. Sleep well, hope you get better soon. Oh a pillow protector is a great idea. Good luck with all the meetings and I would love to hear about the auction too :)


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