Sunday, November 30, 2008

Snowflake Splendor

I was lucky enough to recieve a big surprise in the mail a little bit ago. Did you know that I love surprises? And this surprise couldn't have been any better.

My good friend and Verve owner, Julee Tilman, sent me her one of new releases called Snowflake Splendor! I love snowflakes! Ahem...I mean, I love snowflake stamps sets!!! Let's make that real clear...I love FAKE snowflakes not REAL ones, lol!

Julee's new set is fabulous, just look at those delicate snowflakes....aren't they wonderful? I love making snowflakes cards with Kraft cardstock because the snowflakes just pop right off the card.

To make the sentiment pop too, I mounted it on a snowflake ornament I bought in a pack last year at Target for .25! It was like 90% off after Christmas and I couldn't pass it up. I knew I could do something with it. I just snipped off the hanger and wallah....awesome embellishment!

I made a few other things with this new set, Snowflake Splendor, but you'll have to come back tomorrow to see what it is. I can't reveal all the goods at once, can I?

A big thanks to Julee for thinking of me....hugs to you girlfriend!!!! I loved it!

Holiday hugs,


  1. I LOVE snowflakes too!!! What kind of ink did you use on the kraft paper? Thought there might be one that shows up better than some others!! Cute card...thanks for sharing!

  2. Fabulous card, Amy! I love the snowflake ornament and white snowflakes on kraft paper are CRAZY delicious! :) So glad you liked your surprise. Big hugs, girlfriend!

  3. This is beautiful, Amy! I bought some of those snowflakes last year too- now where did I put them... teeheehee!

  4. I love the card. It is so great. What a great friend to have. TFS!!!

  5. Beautiful card. I've been following your blog for awhile, and have left you a present on my blog-today's post 12/1. Have fun!!!

  6. it is beautiful!!!! fab idea with the ornament!!!!!hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving!

  7. Lucky you!!!! : ) Love how your card turned out....VERY PRETTY!!!


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