Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Last Thursday the Stamper's Dream Dream Team (that's a mouthful, isn't it?) held a Dreamy Challenge. For our first challenge, we worked with the new Doodlebug product called Stick With It (this product is currently out of stock at Stamper's Dream, but will be re-stocked in a few flew off the shelves!!). This new DB product comes with two sheets of double-sided adhesive shapes in it that you cover with Doodlebug's fabulous line of Sugar Coating Glitter (can I just say the colors Michelle sells are super scrumptious!!!). Here is the card I made for the challenge.

Since I was having so much fun last week with the new Doodlebug adhesive shapes, I made a second card. The product is SUPER easy to work with...the shapes come off the sheet so easily, and the protective paper peels off super easy too. All I did was use a bunch of different swirl shapes for my background, laying them out on the front of my card so it covered the whole area. Then I sprinkled the Sugar Coating glitter on it (I used Tangerine), pressed down on the glitter with my finger over all the swirls, and then poured the rest of the glitter back into the bottle. I blew a few times on the swirls to remove the excess glitter, and tapped the back of the card with my finger to remove any stubborn specks of glitter that were hangin' on.

The fall tree image comes from the Memory Box clear stamp set called Of A Feather. All the images in the outdoor scene I stamped came from the set...the tiny birds on the ground, the bird flying through the air, the sun, the tree AND the sentiment. How's that for fully utilizing a stamp set?!!! I just love this set, and I think today I'm going to use it again. Hope you like it!

Today is a busy day. I stayed home from BSF today to rest my body and get some stuff done around the house that didn't get done while my mom was in the hospital. I am happy to say she is home now, resting comfortably. She came home late yesterday. Besides the facial paralysis, my mom also was having delusional episodes that were very scary. They've taken her off all medications in the hope that it goes away. She seemed so much more fragil after this surgery than in surgeries past. I suppose that's the case as you age. She's 74 now, and hardly has a joint that hasn't been fixed yet. Two bionic knees, two bionic hips. Yikes! Should I worry that this will be me in 30 years? Actually, the last time I had my knee cleaned out (2 or so years ago), the doctor (yes, Dr. Adorable) told me I'd be looking at a knee replacement in about 15 years. I had ACL surgery 10 years ago after rupturing the ACL ligament playing volleyball years earlier, so it's a mess inside there. But so far, it still feels good. I really do need to lose weight though, because over this past year I've gained quite a bit and that's terrible for your knees. Seeing my mom like this has reminded me that I need to get out there and exercise to take the weight off and protect my knees for as long as I can!

I hope to get some stamping done finally today. I haven't stamped since early last week. That's like forever for me. Usually I'm down here everyday stamping something. This afternoon we have Youngest Son's last football game of the season. We are hoping for a win, because they would then have an undefeated season! Tonight is the final home varsity football game as well, so we'll be going to that to watch Eldest Son march in the marching band.

Have a great day!




  1. Hi Amy-
    Love the card! Tried another brand of double stick stuff and couldn't get it to work. This looks very good!: )
    Glad to hear your Mom is at home. My mom had a TGA Trans Global Amnesia a few years ago and recovered fully, no surgery induced it, but they could find no cause. Scary stuff. You are all in my prayers, God's plan and time, bsf this morning.

  2. Love your card, it actually reminds me of your blog header a lot. A very YOU card.

    Glad your mom is home, and hope that she continues to improve each day.

    Have fun with your boys.... ((hugs)) Joanne

  3. Love your blog and I visit you daily. I have tagged you, check out my blog for details!

  4. Anonymous7:40 PM

    Hi Amy. Love this birthday card. Also love the guitar cards. They would be perfect for bro Eric.
    Prayers for peace for Mom and your whole family.


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