Wednesday, October 22, 2008

The Artful Stamper

I just love this tree ball stamp from Artful Stamper, which I got from Stampers Dream. All of the stamps made by Artful Stamper have amazing detail and are perfect for coloring and paper piecing.

I decided to make the stamp into an actual little ornament for a tree. All the recipient needs to do is take it off the front of the card and hang it on their tree this season. I even added a little wire hook to the ornament, even though it's hard to see in this photo.

The first thing I did is stamp the image on a piece of Whisper White cardstock. Then I colored it a bit with a light blue and light grey Copic marker, so the snow is somewhat highlighted. Not very noticible in this photo, unfortunately. Then I stamped the image again on a piece of red designer paper and green designer paper, and then cut out the holly leaves and Christmas trees. Everything was outlined with my Stardust Gel pen for a little bit of sparkle. Finally, I covered the whole thing with Diamond Glaze and then cracked it for a special look. I cut the image out after it had dried and then mounted it on the front of my card. It really is sturdy enough to be able to hang it on the tree branch! The layout that I used on the card is actually one of Jen's Saturday sketches from a few weeks ago. I am really trying to participate more in challenges from other blogs because I have such mojo problems these days. It really does help.

There are oodles of these Artful Stamper stamps at Stampers Dream this season, so if you like this one, there are a million more like it at the Stampers Dream online store (well, ok, not a million more, but definitely a dozen more designs just like it). Stop by today to check them out. Also, all of the Halloween stamps are on sale this week too! Stock up for next season!

For those of you interested, my interview went well Monday afternoon. For the most part, I sounded intelligent, LOL, but I had a few moments where I'm not sure I answered the questions "correctly", although they were more personality based questions as opposed to right and wrong answer type questions. You know, "how would your best friend describe you", "how would you handle this type of situation"....Everyone that works in the office is soooo nice. I think I would really fit in well. I think they are going to make a decision this week, so I'm keeping my fingers crossed and saying a prayer. I suppose I don't have to cross my fingers, do I, if I'm saying prayers? God handles everything, so I don't need "luck". I'll either get this or won't, depending on God's plans for me.

Well, I've GOT to get rolling.....I need to jump in the shower to get ready for BSF. Have a great day.



  1. AWESOME card, Amy! Love the colors and all the details, and the idea of making it a real ornament is a great one! This is done in true "AMY" style! :-)

  2. Gorgeous card! ~chris

  3. Gorgeous! What a beautiful combination of colors and patterns, not to mention, that clever ornament idea!!
    I am sure that you did marvelously at the interview! I will be praying for you!! :)

  4. Hey Amy! Fabulous card! I love the ornament!!! Praying for you. Yes, and to quote a friend of mine, "God's got this one..."

  5. Love this card, Amy! Very artistic. ;)


  6. Those type of questions are the worst in interviews. We all get caught on some of them. But as you said, God is in control.

    You may think your mojo is lacking lately, but you're sure turning out some gorgeous cards still. This one grabbed me from the moment I saw it.

  7. This is absolutely stunning, Amy! And a unique idea to be able to hang the ornament on a tree! Sending good thoughts and prayers your way regarding the interview! Take care!

  8. This is a gorgeous card! I will keep you in my prayers about the job....: )

  9. Love the details and your colors! Your ornament is the WOW! Good luck on the interview! Michelle :)


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