Tuesday, September 02, 2008

Verve's Project Parade

Today is my day over at the Verve Blog. All last week the Diva's have been showcasing their work featuring the August stamp releases. Wow, these girls have really rocked it out. The projects I've seen have been amazing. Julee gave us an inspiration photo.... and we all got to work creating something pink, brown and delicious!

Here's what I came up with! You can head over the the Verve blog for more details about how I did what I did, ok? No need typing it twice, and by "forcing" you to go over there to view my details, you get to see all the other fabulous projects at the same time. See, I'm really just thinking about you...not myself:)! Oh, and you can win Verve Bucks if you play along with us. Details can be found on the Verve Blog, ok? Go check out the deets and all the pretty projects!
I'm happy to report the boys are now back at school. I can't say "happily" because, come on, they're boys...they AREN'T happy to be back at school. Who am I kidding? But they managed to put on some fairly decent smiles for my camera this morning, so I'm happy!

This little guy is my freshman. He is taking early bird classes this year, so he was out the door at 640am fora7a class. It's also called "zero hour". 1st hour starts at 8am.Here is my big, studly senior!!!! Isn't he handsome? Reluctantly posing for his mother, isn't that sweet?
Here he is admiring his brand new comic hero shirt! See, new clothes still get them geeked, even if they're seniors, LOL! Have a great first day guys! I love you!


  1. LOVE the card - also checked out the others since I adore pink & brown together :) Might be a good colour for my new craft room....
    I'm very impressed that you got pictures of the boys that early! Well done :)

  2. LOVE the card!!! And thanks for sharing the photos of your guys. Mine are lots younger even though you and I are about the same age ... my eldedst got up on that big yellow bus and I nearly cried. It helped that he was so happy to see his friends and to be going into the 1st grade! Now he's a big kid and he'll be gone all day long Mon - Fri ... I'll miss him but he is oh so proud. Love your blog as always Amy! Thanks for sharing your heart and your art.

  3. Pure deliciousness, Amy! I love the way you layered those circles, and the added dots on the dark mats is so cool looking. So funny about that Comic hero t-shirt!

  4. Oh how cool!!!! Very handsome!

  5. great photos of your boys. I love seeing them each year.. Mine starts tomorrow in year one (he's 5) so its less play and more work now! He doesnt seem big enough!

    I have two adorable red headed boys too ;0)


  6. WHAT A GORGEOUS, GORGEOUS CARD AMY!!!!!!! It has literally taken my breath away!!!! (Your guys are so handsome and obviously sweet to be posing for their mom! : )

  7. Love the card, Amy! Such a unique design!


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