Monday, September 01, 2008

Delicious Cupcakes

Happy Labor Day!

I'm sure you know by now that cupcake stamps are all the rage! Verve's newest set called Cupcake Affair is one of the cutest cupcake stamp sets I've seen out there. You are able to mix and match your toppings and wrappers to make all sorts of fabulous looking delights, large or small. Can you just imagine ripping into one of these delish cupcakes?

To make this card, I first divided my cardbase into three sections using my Scor-Pal. Then I punched nine 1 1/4 inch squares with my square punch and stamped a wrapper and a frosting on each one creating a finished cupcake. The polka dots you see on each frosting were hand drawn, they are not a part of the stamp. But it's soooo easy, anyone can add them.

After I put a cupcake in each square, it was a little boring, so I put in vertical and horizontal dividers using Pink Passion cardstock. I like the scalloped horizontal dividers! To complete the card, I stamped the sentiment at the bottom of the card. Yummy!!!! Cupcakes do make everything better, don't they? Do you want a great cupcake stamp set? Then consider heading over to Verve and picking up Cupcake Affair today. Your waistline will love you because you're not at the store buying real cupcakes or at the stove baking real cupcakes!!

Yesterday we had a great time at the zoo together. Outside of a few crushed toes due to errant, passive-aggressive strollers drivers, it was a perfect day. We saw lots of beautiful animals. My personal favorite was the butterfly garden, which I might add, Hubby and Youngest Son didn't go in to see with me because they don't like insects. A evil insect???? Come on!!! I forced Eldest Son to go with me, even though he has a terrible butterfly phobia. Can you believe it? I've never heard of such a thing. Have you? Jeepers. They were BEAUTIFUL! Here are a few of my favorite photos from our day....

Here are those evil butterflies I was talking about earlier.... aren't they stunning? I took this one because this butterfly is my favorite color. Doesn't it look great sitting there on the purple flower?

This zebra-like butterfly instantly caught my eye, since I'm a lover of animal prints! I'm amazed on how perfect the shot turned out...the fuzzy background, the colors, etc. I might have to frame it. This looks like a Halloween butterfly, what with the brown, black and orange markings. It looks like he's got eyeballs on his wings!! Maybe this guy is what scared my boys away...Here are those evil-butterfly haters.....
Aren't they cute? Maybe not as cute as the butterflies though, but a whole lot more lovable!

Here is the gorgeous tiger that woke up from his nap long enough for me to snap his picture. Isn't he stunning? Why aren't my butterfly-haters afraid of him???? Yikes!

These two little guys were having a great time playing with each other and causing trouble. Their behavior was starting to really getting out of hand, playing a little too rough, when all of a sudden the elder monkeys made an appearance and the two settled down almost instantly. Seriously, it must have been Mom and Dad who showed up, because all they had to do was show their faces and the monkeys got the message and were friends again. They reminded me of my own little monkeys!

This guy is a Gibbon monkey. His arms were about 10 feet long, I swear! At first, he and his friend were just lounging around, resting, being quiet. Then the two of them started putting on a show for us, swinging from tree to tree and making this loud, siren like call. Really, their call was SOOOOO loud. I think I'm going to do a little research on Gibbon monkeys to see what I can find out about them. They were so fun to watch!Yep, sometimes I feel like this flamingo here. Some days can get so bad all I want to do is stick my head in the water to make all the craziness go away! I told Julee that I am going to make this picture into a card with the Verve sentiment (from Feeling Groovy) that says "Mama said there'll be days like this"!!!! Don't you feel like doing this sometimes too??? LOL.

Well, the photo show is over. Hope you all have a great day. One last day of freedom until school is back in full swing. I have to make sure the battery on my camera is fully charged so I can take pictures of the boys in the morning!




  1. Hi Amy!
    We went to the zoo with our guys on Saturday and I'll tell you that my pics didn't come out this gorgeous. :( These are just lovely and looks like you had a great time. Was it over 90 with almost 90% humidity when you were at the zoo? Yeah, we needed our heads examined to go in that weather. But, that's Oklahoma for ya! ;)


  2. Amy,

    You take amazing photographs! I think maybe you should make some more photo cards like you did a while back - a LOT of photo cards. Wish I could take pictures as great as yours.


  3. Gorgeous photos! The butterflies and their particular flowers are perfectly coordinated. Stunning, really! Love that cupcake--the little curl in the frosting and the polka dot sprinkles--so cute! Darling card. I love the cupcakes repeated in sort of a color block-esque layout!

  4. Anonymous12:05 PM

    Great shots Amy. Good luck with school.

  5. Great!!!

  6. Incredible photos Amy! LOVE the zebra butterfly.

  7. Amy, you are such a gifted photographer! I LOVE looking at your pictures! You've inspired me to take my kiddos to the zoo (once it cools off a little in Texas).

  8. Love that yummy card!!! Your pics are amazing!!!


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