Friday, August 29, 2008

With Thanks

Roll Call!!!!

Is anyone out there this week? It was reallllllly quiet on the blog front yesterday. I think everyone is trying to get the sweet little cherubs ready for school, hmmmmm? Our "little" cherubs don't start until next Tuesday, and there's really not much I have to "do" to get these two high schoolers ready anymore anyways. It's not like elementary school when you have to buy a zillion school supplies and loads of clothes. Now I don't even get a list of needed supplies until school starts, and then it's typically just paper and folders!

It was fun to pull out an "old" SU set recently. I actually borrowed this set from my friend Lue since I had never used it. I'm not a huge fan of long, horizontal images on a card. I find them hard to make work. So, instead of using it as a main image, I used it more as an "embellishment" on the card, if that makes any sense. I do this layout alot with the scalloped bottom edge. This time, instead of using a coordinating color cardstock at the bottom, I used the horizontal image instead, and I love how it turned out! The sentiment in the middle has the words "thank you" at the end of the verse, but I cut that off and just used the plain verse since the bottom horizontal image had the words "thank you" already in it. I didn't need to say "thank you" twice!

Here's a closeup of the bottom of the card:

It was an exciting morning around here today. It is MN State Fair time, and for the first time ever, we entered a fair contest!!! Ha-ha! That's right, we entered a contest called "Stick with Canola"! You had to make something on a stick that was cooked in canola oil. After little debate, we decided our entry was going to be Chicken Alfredo Pizza On A Stick!!!!! Yep. We came up with this because our big specialty meal in the summer is Chicken Alfredo Pizza on the grill. We adapted that concept and put it on a stick. Do you love it or what? Yummo!!!! Here's a few pics of the preparation this morning...

This first picture is of all the ingredients layered on the stick. Grilled chicken, mozzarella, green onion, and a cherry tomato. To this stick, we brush on Alfredo sauce. After this step, we wrapped the stick with an egg roll wrapper. I didn't get a shot of that step, unfortunately.
Then we dropped it into the deep fat fryer (filled, of course with canola oil), and fried it up for a few minutes. Let me just tell's fabulous! Hubby and Youngest Son had to drop off one completely cooked entree, and two uncooked entrees this morning between 8a-9am. Apparently the winner is going to be announced at 1030am. Wish us luck--we could win our first blue ribbon ever!!! LOL. Corny, but fun. When you don't have a lot of money to spend on other fun outings, this is what we've had to resort to for fun this summer!

We are thinking about taking a road trip for the day just to get us all out of the house and in better spirits. It has been a really tough week for both Hubby and I and we need to get the heck out of dodge and have some fun for a change. We desperately need it.

I hope everyone has a great Labor Day weekend, enjoy your last few days of summer!



  1. Great card!!! Love it!

    Yum...looks very good...y'all have fun on you 'day out'!!

  2. Susan Sandmeyer1:09 PM

    Great idea hope you win BLUE!!!!

  3. That's not corny. Looks delicous. Hope you win. Let us know. Oh, the card is wonderful:)

  4. Doris3:04 PM

    It sounds yummy! Hope you win. And have fun on your day off.

    I love the card. I had never thought of using these stamps that way. I will have to try it. Good idea, but then all your ideas are good. You are the best!

  5. OMIGOSH! That looks divine! Did you win??????

    And I looove that card. BEAUtiful!

  6. YUM! To both the pizza and the card! Love the colors.
    Have a happy and safe holiday weekend!

  7. asela5:29 PM

    Beautiful card! And oh my that looks so yummy....I've been busy with hurricanes, electrical outages, boys and hubby home and school starting back off after they had started before the storm. Ouch!

  8. Oh that looks yumi! =)'s the first week of school around here and it's been crazy, but good. =)
    I liked seeing your beach picture last the warm weather, too!
    Hoping your job search comes to an end very soon.

  9. Fun card! I like the colours! Your creation looks yummy too :) So... I'm gathering that you aren't missing labelling 40 pencils & sharpening them, 24 pencil crayons, 16 markers, 48 crayons... heehee!

  10. Congratulations, I have nominated you for a blogging award. Your blog is truely inpirational. Please stop by my blog to pick up your award.

  11. That looks really good! I'm not one to fry food, but I may have to try that! Good luck!

    I love your card too! Is the main image from that Quotopia set? I need to order that one!

  12. Yummo is right! Not only does your food look yummo, but your card is yummo, too!

  13. oh i like this stamp very cool and i like the colours u used it with.


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