Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Special Delivery!

Back in July, a colleague asked me to make her a baby card for twin boys. This is what I came up with, and I have to say, I love how it turned out!

The stars are from the Verve sets called Polka Stars (the big stars) and Seeing Stars (the little stars). The onesies are from Rubber Soul, which you can find at Stamper's Dream.

You can see, it's such a simple card, I really don't think detailed instructions are necessary for you to figure out how to make this yourself! The stars are adhered to the front of the card using dimensional tape. You could do the same card in more girly colors for someone having twin girls. And the design can easily be adapted for the birth of a single baby only!

I wanted to let you know that my interview at the hospital went really well yesterday! I think my lack of hospital experience is giving them some hesitation, but overall, I know I did a great job and they liked me. The hours are wonderful.....the first week it would be W/Th 12-430p, and the second week it would be M/Sa 11-430p, Th/F 12-430p, and Su 11a-11p (yikes, a 12 hour shift!!). It would rotate like that every other week. It's a total of 41 hours per pay period. I have turned it over to God. If this is his plan for me, I will be blessed with the job. If not, it's back to the drawing board and waiting for Him to reveal His plan for me. I feel like it's the perfect job and am excited about the opportunity to start a new career! If you are a praying person, please add me to your list. At the latest, they'll have a decision by next week, at the earliest, maybe by the end of this week if all goes well.

Have a great day!



  1. I'm praying that God will give you peace in His perfect plan.
    The baby boy card is cute. I like the bright colors.

  2. I could so relate to your comment yesterday about hoping to get to ACTUAL painting soon -- I've been patching and sanding and repeating the process over and over here for a bathroom I was hoping would be done by now. I'm praying for your job at the hospital.

  3. Anonymous4:46 PM

    Good job on the interview Amy and good luck! You're always in my prayers. Enjoy the last couple weeks of vacation with your boys.
    Great cards!

  4. Good luck on the job! LOVE This card!!!

  5. This is absolutely darling! A perfect card for twin boys! Sorry I've not commented lately. Things have been so... hectic lately, I'm trying to play catch-up with my blog roll! Keeping my fingers crossed about the HUC job. I think I've said it before that one of the best skills for that position is organization! The medical stuff will fall into place! You're in my prayers!

  6. I am a praying person and have added you to my list. I don't know if I've commented on your blog before or not, but I subscribe and love to see your cheery designs. And as a mother of two little girls, I enjoy your posts about your teenage sons , a bit of a view into another kind of life :-)
    Best wishes and I hope you hear good news soon.

  7. CUTE CARD!!! I am a prayer person too! PRAYING HARD!!!!

  8. Great card, Amy! Hope you get the job.

  9. jennibell12:36 PM

    I'm a few days behind on catching up with my "usual reading" -- yesterday I sent the last of my four to kindergarten. . .I'm sure it's no easier sending them into their senior year :) Love your cards, love your style. I've been following your employment issues for well over a year and continue to pray for your family. We were once in the same position and although our circumstances didn't last quite as long, it's never easy. You sound excited about the prospect of a new career -- something you may not have considered a year ago so that is great! Hope this all works out for you. But PLEASE remember all of us peeps who check in with you daily for our inspiration!!! No pressure, of course :)


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