Thursday, August 21, 2008

Fun News Today!

Guess what? I found out Monday I'm a JustRite Stampin' Champion Hopeful! I won a $5 gift certificate and the possibility to be chosen as one of the Top 5 Hopefuls for the week (they'll announce it Friday). Once those Top 5 are chosen, people can vote for their Top 3 medal winners (gold, silver, bronze)! My nomination was based on this project.

Since you can enter as many projects as you want, I made these fun back-to-school ditty's for today's entry! I made a special card for both Eldest Son (a senior this year), and Youngest Son (a new freshman at the high school this year), and a bottle of water personalized especially for each of them for the first day of school! I'm sorry the photos of the cards/bottles didn't turn out that great. It looks better if you click on them to view the larger picture.

The close-up of the bottles is much better! Aren't they fun? I cut out my personalized JR stamped image with a Nestie. Then I used a 1" circle punch to punch out the center (to do this so it's centered, I first punched out a 1" circle, and then put it in the center of the image and drew a pencil mark around it.) THEN I punched the hole out based on the pencil marks. I mounted it on a scalloped circle (also a Nestie), and glued on the personalized stamp. THEN I used a 3/4" circle punch to punch a hole in the mat. I used the same technique as I outlined above. I hope that makes sense. I just love how the bottles turned out and I will definitely make more! It can be adapted to any occasion!

I do have some really wonderful news to share today! My nephew got engaged last night!!!! Wow!!! Talk about weird and wonderful all at the same time. Weird because I can't believe "little" Daniel is getting married (he is the oldest grandchild on my side of the family), and wonderful because seeing them brought back so many special memories from when Hubby and I got engaged all those years ago. They stopped by last night while they were out sharing their good news with relatives. We live right near Laura's brother's house, so I asked them to stop by before they went there so we could congratulate them in person! I had to take this picture to commemorate the big day....aren't they so cute? They are both wonderful kids and we are soooooo happy for them. What a week for my brother and sister-in-law, who this week are getting ready to bring their youngest to her first year of college, and now this happens!!! They are becoming empty-nesters and soon-to-be in-laws all in the same week! Yikes! Being the jokester he is, Hubby told my sister-in-law last night on the phone that she could realistically be a Grandma by the time she's 50 (which is less than two years away)! She was a good sport about that little tidbit of information:)!!!!

Anyways, this post has gone on long enough. Time to wrap it up for the day. I've got a funeral to go to this afternoon. The husband of one of my Mom's best friends died of lung cancer. He found out shortly after my BIL found out he lung cancer. Still no word from the hospital on the job....God is good. I cling to His strength.



  1. Congrats on the "win!" :) I hope you can continue to move on! :)
    I am praying for you!!

  2. Good luck to you! We obviously both had puppies on the brain! (Great minds think alike!)


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