Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Birds of A Feather....

This is a new set I got from Stamper's Dream. It is from Memory Box and is called Of A Feather. It's birds. You know I love birds. What can I say?

For some reason, on Sunday when I sat down to stamp this, I was in a minimalistic mood. That's not typically my style, but oh, did it feel great! This card has major impact because of the colors I chose (Kiwi Kiss, Kraft and turquoise), but on the other hand, it's so simplistic in nature. It felt free to stamp so simply! Just about everything I made that night turned out the same way. I'll share those cards later this week.

See that luscious ribbon? That's from Stamper's Dream too. It was my inspiration for the whole card. I love blue and green together, so that's what I went with. The ribbon is 5/8" and is from May Arts.

Today is my last bible study class for the summer. I was studying the book of Daniel via Beth Moore. I have to say, it was my first Beth Moore study and I found it to be ok. Daniel is such a hard book to understand (pre-millennium-ism ring a bell for any of you that have studied Daniel???), and I found the 12 week course was too quick to really learn anything significant and indepth. That must be the BSF'r in me need 31+ weeks to really dig deep to anything in the bible:)! I'm glad I gave Beth Moore a try, she is such a DYNAMIC woman. Does anyone know if she's got a autobiography out? I would love to learn more about her life. What I enjoyed most about her bible study is LISTENING to her give her lectures each week. Wow, I think I could listen to her forever! And she's cute as a button too.

Well, no word yesterday from the hospital. I am holding out that today's the day. If not, what do you do? Keep on prayin'.



  1. Amy, I'm saying a prayer today for you so maybe you'll hear about the job! Every little extra helps!! I love the simple lines of your birdie card. The colors are wonderful!
    Hang in there girlie!!

  2. Cute card Amy. Funny ~ we must be on the same spirtual wave. I've recently learned of the Daniel study (I heart Beth Moore anyway, think she's a fabulous teacher).
    And, my ladies bible study is starting MARY HEART IN MARTHA WORLD. Isn't that interesting?
    Hang in there! :)

  3. Hey Amy,

    Beth Moore does have a blog that gives more insight into her daily activities etc. I just love that woman!

    Good luck with the job, I will hold thumbs for you and the hubster!

    Love reading your blog, we were married on the same day, just one year apart from you guys...

    Hang in there!

  4. Love this card, Amy. :) Very cheerful.

    LOVED the Beth Moore Daniel study. I think, next to Believing God, it was my favorite of all of her studies and I've done all but 2, I think. I don't do BSF because I like to have options to go onto something else and don't like commiting to one thing for the whole year.(yes, I guess I have commitment "issues") ;) I have heard friends say they like BSF, though, I'm just a Beth Moore FAN.

    Glad you tried one of her studies and enjoyed it.


  5. Great card, Amy! I love the simple look and feel to it - it makes the colors look even more daring. Can you believe I've had this stamp set for several months and still haven't inked it up? Crazy! I'll have to see if I can give it some lovin' sometime this week.

  6. Isnt it great to have a go at minimilistic! I did a card like that the other day and kept having to tell my self there was no need to add!!! great work- as you say the colours are just shouting out- thats all you need :)


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