Tuesday, July 08, 2008

SU! Personalized Stamps

Hey everyone. I am wondering if anyone has ordered Stampin' Up's personalized stamps before? I ordered one a few weeks ago, but was disappointed with it once I got it. The rubber is NOT deeply etched, so anytime you put it in ink, the background gets all inked up too, and the image has lines through it. I had my friend send it back and reorder a new one. I just got the new one today, and the same exact thing is happening. I'm bummed! Apparently the personalized stamps are made differently than the typical SU stamps, in that they are made with a laser machine. Does that sound right? Has anyone out there had this same problem with Stampin' Up's personalized stamps? I really have a hard time believing they put out a product this inferior, considering they are a high class stamp company. I am so disappointed.

It looks like I am going to have to find a new place to have a personalized stamp made. I wanted to use it to stamp the back of my cards. This is what I wanted the stamp to say:

Handcrafted by
Amy Westerman
Anyone have a good lead on personalized stamps other than SU?


  1. I'm a SU! demo and must admit I've had the same problems. I tried CTMH after not liking my SU! one, but it inks the background too and the image doesn't stamp very well either. I'd love to hear where you end up getting one and how you like it as I'm on the search too. Thanks and good luck!!

  2. I had the same problem and I agree...it is annoying! I haven't really looked for other options so I'm sorry I don't have a lead for you.

  3. I didn't have any problems with mine, but I just ordered a single line and made sure I cut it as close as I could to avoid the background inking. Hope you can get this resolved.

  4. Hi Amy
    I've ordered personalized stamps from paperangel.com before and they're good stamps. Check out their website and see if they can make a stamp to fit your needs.

  5. Thanks for confirming what I've heard too. My SU demonstrator advised me NOT to order from her because of the issues you mention here. I want one and was so tempted to order one and see for myself. I guess I won't now. Oh how sad!!! Hello SU leaders - are you listening??? How can you make other stamps so wonderfully and then have such a problem with the personal ones?

  6. Guess I was blessed with a good one. Maybe there was a bad batch (could be, since you tried twice). I haven't had any trouble with mine.

  7. I have the same issues with my SU one....I Really like this place!!


    Or you can get a nearly free one from Vista Print...the drawback there is it is the self inking kind, so it is always black ink.

  8. I trimmed my personalized stamp very closely and have had no problems. The image is okay too... I have a few of these. BTW you have a great demo. SU! doesn't take returns on those. ~:-)

  9. Yes, I have had the same problem with mine. I actually cut the stamp as close as I could get it to the wording, and then I "roughed it up" a bit with my sanding block. It seemed to help and I don't get the residue ink on my projects anymore. In my frustration, I ended up ordering a self-inking stamp from vistaprint.com when they had one of their "free" offers for a small rubber stamp. I use that alot and it is a similar saying as what you want. Good luck in your search.

  10. based on my little knowlege about stamp making, I would imagine that it would be very expensive to create a mold for one time stamp sale. I haven't tried the personalized stamp, but I print my signature on the computer on the back of the cardstock before I cut in into a card. I use a template I created.

  11. What about the Justrite stamping system? You could either get the DIY kit, or have them make one.

  12. Hi Amy, I have one of SU's personal stamps and I have trimmed it very closely to avoid that problem. Stampin'Kub (http://www.stampinkub.com/blog/?m=200706) had a link a while back about purchasing that kind of stamp and he recommended this company: http://www.villageimpressions.com/
    It looks like they are on vacation until August, but they may be the answer to your problem. HTH

  13. I am so sorry that you have had so much trouble with your personalized stamp, Amy. All of us demos out there who read your blog should call them up and let them know that the quality is not typical of their other stamp products. I wasn't thrilled with mine either, Amy.

    don't have another source, but I'm sure if you shop the web you'll find something better....


  14. Hi Amy! thanks for visiting my blog-you are very sweet. I always love your cards-so much fun and bright color! :) Hope you had a good time in Grand Marais!

    Do you want a simple stamp or something fancier? Expressionary.com has some neat personalized stamps that come in circles. Otherwise, my store works with a company that makes self-inking stamps or acrylic stamps. If you are interested in those (made in Rochester, MN), call The Stamping Post in Duluth at (218) 624-4722. :)

    Have a wonderful evening!

  15. I am surprised you have had problems. I have one that I have had for about a year and have no problems. What about Staples? I had a signature stamp made there and it worked fine. Not sure what it would cost though. Good luck in finding something.


  16. Anonymous6:45 PM

    I have several personalized stamps that I've ordered from SU!. The only font that I found difficult to read was the one that is very small and thin. You will be more satisfied with the bolder fonts.

  17. http://www.bristowmom.blogspot.com/8:14 PM

    Many years back when I lived in your neck of the woods I had some rubber stamps made locally by a commercial company. They were for use at my job and I remember the quality being excellent. I don't remember the name of the company, but you might look in the yellow pages. It seems to me they were in St. Louis Park or somewhere in that area.

  18. I have ordered several personalized wood-mounted stamps from The Stampin' Place in Big Lake, MN, believe it or not! I've been very pleased with them, and I think they have a great selection of designs. I just got a postcard in the mail today from them announcing a sale. Check out their website, www.stampin.com, and see what you think. They have great service, too.

  19. Sharon8:59 PM

    I used www.stampworx2000.com several years ago... having them make a "please toss" stamp for birdseed. The rubber was clear, but mounted. Haven't ordered anything from them in a while, but I found them from a Martha Stewart Wedding edition. See the list here: http://www.stampworx2000.biz/RecentMags_New.html
    I remember them saying they could make a stamp out of about any picture I could send.

  20. My sister gave me a personalize stamp from Paperangel (www.paperangel.com) that I use all the time. Hopefully, you'll find something that works for you!

  21. I just ordered one of SU! personalized stamps BUMMER! I know PaperAngel makes personalized stamps. I have one that just has my name but they will customize them however you want. I ordered the SU! one since I was placing an order anyway - maybe they will take it back if I'm not satisfied.
    GOod luck!

  22. I use Paper Angel too...and love all that I've ordered for myself and gifts for others.

  23. Some of the personalized stamps are better than others. The ones that I advise people to avoid are the ones that have a script font. Also, one thing you can try is taking the rubber right off the foam and gluing it down to the bare wood. Use a light touch when stamping and you may find that that takes care of your problem. HTH!

  24. Marie W.10:48 PM

    I've had the same displeasure with my custom SU! stamp. I ordered a stamp with just my 3 initials (surrounded by a small oval) on it from this place:

    and am very happy with it. It arrived very quickly too! Can't speak to how your 3-line stamp would come out from them, but it might be worth a shot. Good luck!


  25. I've used The Angel Company for my personalised stamp, and the quality is top notch. Unlike their stamps that need to be used with an acrylic block, the personalised stamps are wooden backed which was a nice surprise !

    Here's my angel where I get my stamps from :Claudia is my Angel

    I do like stamps from all three companies (SU, TAC and CTMH) though, so I don't predilect any over the others, to me they're all great companies.

    Hope that helps and Greetings from London (England). Fabrizio

  26. I have a CTMH one - and have had no problems with it. I also have one from paperangel which is mounted nicely on a block - I have had this one quite a while - the CTMH one was for wedding favors so I only used it that one time (about 300 times! :)


  27. Hi, Amy,

    I've had good luck and bad luck w/iPrint.com... because of the bad luck, I haven't used them in awhile. Loved Jacki's suggestion about pre-printing from the computer onto cardstock before cutting. Clever!!! I have also gone to Office Depot & Staples to have personalized stamps made that work out really, really well. They are limited w/images (or were back in the day), but if you're only looking for text, they can do it - as can any office supply store, even a Mailboxes, Etc. Good luck - let us know what you come up with as a solution.

  28. I have about 7 from PaperAngel.com. I love them. I haven't had any problems with them and I use them ALL the time. They often have sales on different styles, too. Here is the link:

  29. Anonymous2:07 PM

    I've never tried the SU personalized stamps but I did have one made at Make An Impression in Wa. 91175 NW Gilman Blvd, #B8, Issaquah WA 98027
    425-557-9247 phone
    425-557-9107 fax

    I have always been very pleased with it. Once I accidentally rubbed it too hard on the cleaning pad and the rubber came off the block. I called and she told me how to fix it but also sent a brand new one at no charge. It was 8.00 a number of years ago. I don't know what they charge now.

    Claudia V

  30. Anonymous2:10 PM

    There's The Stampin Place in Big Lake that does personalized stamps. I've ordered stamps from them, just not the personalized ones. www.stampin.com

    Mary S

  31. Amy - I have the SU stamp - very similar to what you want. it is a clear stamp, but hard to cut around, so it leaves lines....which I hate!!! I probably wouldn't order another one through SU!, I am going to go try paper angel now! :)

  32. My Close to My Heart one works great. when I first got it the corner edges would stamp.. but I rounded them off and haven't had another problem.

  33. Hey Amy! Not really adding anything new, but I have heard quite a bit that the SU! personalized stamps are not fabulous. I did have a customer order one and love it, but I think she's one of those exceptions. I also got my personalized stamp from Paperangel, but I don't know if they do what you want. But if they do, their quality is awesome.

  34. Gerri K7:41 AM

    Amy, I've had stamps made at iprint.com You can pretty much design your own stamp and it's very reasonable. Gerri K

  35. The SU! ones are not as deeply cut, but I've had OK luck by not pressing as hard on the ink or the paper you're stamping on. Cut it as close as possible before mounting, then clean frequently. And pick the bolder font. A little more work than usual, but not terrible. Guess we can hope for more bolder fonts in the new catalog.

  36. I ordered a SU personalized stamp to use for my daughter's wedding 4 yrs. ago, and it was terrible. For the second daughter, 2 yrs. ago, we ordered from Staples, and it was perfect.

  37. Anonymous3:24 PM

    A - I order my name stamps from Cheryl at OnyxXpressions, and they are great stamps. I do not know if she could get you a long, personalized one like the one you want, but you certainly could ask. She's lovely to deal with - the site is:

    Cheryl's site

    and the personalized ones are here:

    Personalized Stamp Styles

    There are about 17 different ones, and some have more than a name.

    Please note that the rubber is black.



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