Tuesday, July 01, 2008

Quick-Read All About It!!!

Major bulletin just issued....Verve is now the newest SCS member company! Woo-hoo! You know what that means, don't you? It means that there is now a forum devoted exclusively (don't you love that word....exclusively??) to all things VERVE-A-LISCIOUS!!!!

To celebrate, Julee's got lots of fun things going on over at the new SCS Verve Forum. First of all, you can get FREE SHIPPING on all orders through July 15!!!!! Free shipping? Yikes-a-rooni....I {{{{heart}}}} free shipping!!!! All you need to do when checking out (with you shopping cart filled with fabulous Verve stamps) is type in the code SCSMC in the coupon box available.

Secondly, Julee has issued another all-points-bulletin about a VERVE-A-LISCIOUS card challenge! That's right....another challenge! I love challenges and I've already got my card made for this one girls! Julee is calling this A Starry Challenge and you have to make a card using what else....STARS!!! Any kind of star, any where on the card will qualify you! It doesn't even have to be Verve stars, but if you've got them, USE THEM!!!! Be sure and upload your entry to the SCS Gallery with the keyword VSCSTAR. Not one but TWO lucky winners will be chosen to win $15 in Verve Bucks!!!!! I know you all love free money!!!! What are you waiting for?? Get it done now before the excitement of the 4th of July holiday takes over and help us celebrate in a grand way!

Here's my card for the Verve challenge. The Hubster's birthday is actually on the 4th of July, so we are heading over to some friend's for the day. I made this for the lovely hostess as a thank you for hosting the day's activities (hopefully she is too busy at work this week to be reading my blog and seeing this card I made her, LOL). It was uber simple. The red words on top actually come from a piece of designer paper that I've had in my scrap drawer since last 4th of July. Ditto on the blue scallop paper....scraps from the scrap drawer. The stars are from a few of my favorite Verve sets, Polka Stars and Seeing Stars. I turn to these sets time and time again, seriously. The sentiment is from my brand new CHF set called Birthday Centers, which was designed by the famous Mona Lisa, if that name still rings a bell. I just got it yesterday (thanks to a special friend named Julee).

So, are you pumped up after reading all this fun news????? Then head on over to the Verve Forum at SCS and say hello! And after that, get busy on your Starry Challenge card, girlfriend. I can't wait to see it!


p.s. Sorry about all the excessive exclamation points and gushing....I promise I'm not faking it just because I'm on the Verve DT and get free stamps. I love this company because I love Julee (she is truely an amazing, inspirational person) and love what she's done with Verve over the past year! (whoops, sorry about that last exclamation point....)


  1. I am so excited!! I have been waiting for Verve to be a member company for awhile and am estatic they finally are. I am so going to try this challenge out. Your card is fantastic!!!

  2. Girl! You don't have to apologize for the exclamation points! I think it's awesome! I know I am excited about it! I think everyone should be because Verve stamps are fantastic! You are also right about Julee being one incredible person! She is so sweet and supportive of all her blog readers/stamp buyers! That is honestly the reason why I got into her stamps! I just couldn't get over her amazing personality! Thanks for gushing! It's so totally worth it!

    By the way, your card is fantastic! :D I just love everything about it The background is awesome! As is the paper! Hehe!

  3. Hello ...I am new to blogging. I hhave been scrapbooking and card making for years. I love your blog. I am going to have to list it on mine as a favorite spot to visit.

  4. marciad10:37 PM

    Love the card. Have a great Fourth.

  5. LOVE this Amy! What a fantastic card!

  6. Laurie in MN1:13 AM

    How was the talk with your son? My DD is 13 and I encourage friendships instead of boyfriends. All the boys who asked her out seem relieved when she suggests getting to know each other and be friends.

    The boys and girls are under so much pressure to date and raise their popularity status.

  7. Wow - I've had some reading to do to catch up here. I adore the card you've posted here!!! And I love your excitement as I read along too. Oh yea, hooray for the red - white and blue!!


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