Thursday, June 12, 2008

This is a difficult topic to discuss....

but it's something I've given some thought to lately and finally decided most of you would appreciate learning from what I'm about to share.

About two years ago, an old colleague and friend of mine, Nancy, lost her precious husband John to lung cancer at age 53. He was in great shape, an athlete and a non-smoker. He died within in a year of diagnosis. The memorial service Nancy planned for John was amazingly personal, poignant and touching. Even though John was sick for a year, and at a certain point knew he was terminal, it was still hard for him to talk with Nancy about his final wishes, for fear that meant he had given up.

Because it's so hard for people to discuss their wishes with their loved ones, Nancy and her business partner Sue, created It is a place where you can go to and leave detailed wishes for your funeral along with any other information you think is important for your loved ones to have should you suddenly die. At, you can leave letters to loved ones, document music and scripture you want read at your service, write your own obituary, upload your favorite photos to be used at your service, and leave your favorite memories or anything else you'd like shared with your loved ones.

I realize this is a very sensitive subject to be discussing here on my light, happy stamping blog! But you know me, I speak from the heart each and every time I post here. I really felt strongly that I wanted to share this new on-line service with all of you. It is an absolutely free service, and you can get many more details by going to the site and checking things out. Nancy is a wonderful woman and friend. It's the least I can do to help Nancy and Sue get news about this wonderful website out to the public.

I know many of you aren't ready to talk about this sort of stuff yet, but the bottom line is, we're all going to die someday. Don't you want some say in how you will be remembered at your funeral? Although I'm not quite ready to make the leap yet into planning my own funeral, I DO have definite thoughts about how I wanted to be remembered. I need to get these thoughts written down somewhere soon.



  1. What a FANTASTIC and TIMELY idea your friends Nancy and Sue have had. I think it's needed. I just lost a dear sweet prayer partner to cancer and it was so difficult for her and her husband to discuss things for the very same was too final. I will forward this site to all my friends and tell Nancy and Sue that I will pray that GOD blesses their ministry.

  2. Thank you for informing us all of this website Amy. I think that it is very important that people know that there is something that they can do without having to go through the heartaches of discussing it with family.

  3. this is a really cool idea, and i'm glad that someone took what was a personal tragedy and channeled that into something that could help others! thanks for sharing it.

  4. Working with older people as I do, I think this site is a wonderful idea. It is very hard to think about your own death but it can save so much heartache if you have left behind your wishes. I would encourage all of us to think about this and write down our wishes.

  5. Amy, yes a tough subject to talk about, but inevitable. what an AMAZING website. I am going to forward the link to my mom....and my sister. thanks for sharing.

  6. Great idea ... thanks for the link.

  7. amy, this is such a fantastic service for those who just can't find the words to say to their loved ones. I'm a pretty out there person, but my hubby is less like that, so at a site like this, he could take time and read it and process it all instead of me bombarding him with ideas and wishes of this nature before they are needed. The truth is, we never know when they will be I will take some time and be prepared.

    Bless you and your friends,

  8. Anonymous7:56 AM

    Two years ago, I had the strangest feeling that I needed to get my wishes in order. So, I planned my entire funeral, the songs(including who I wanted to sing them), the flowers, the scripture verses, I even wrote the message. My obituary is written, it just needs the details filled in. The past couple of months I have been sick, especially the past 4 weeks. I have undergone cancer screening and every tests going. It took a load off me being prepared in this way in case of the worst! I think everyone needs to take care of that very personal and important aspect of their life.

  9. Thanks for sharing the wonderful life info. I think that is a great idea and will be sharing the website info with my friends and loved ones!

  10. This is such a wonderful idea. I had a friend who passed away while he was in his 20's - he knew he was dying and he planned his own funeral - right down to the music he wanted played. He had a request for all of those that attended his funeral - that we all plant tulips in his memory. I always have tulips at my home and every time I see them I am reminded of my dear friend, Marcus. I hope others can find that same comfort through a service such as this.

  11. Hey Amy - I think this was a great post and a FABULOUS idea on your friends behalf! My husband & I actually own a funeral home and from experience, have seen the benefits of preplanning and having a say in your own service. Some of the most meaningful services are the ones that are PERSONALIZED and really represent the person of honour! You are right though - it is NOT an easy subject. Another thing that is HUGELY important is having a WILL - especially if you have children! I remember sitting down every now & then with my parents & siblings and they would discuss the 'plan' with us, as it changed (because of our ages vs custody arrangements) - I know that wasn't easy but because we talked about it beforehand, we could compensate the fear with humour! Thankfully, I am now 35 and I'm still blessed to have both parents :)


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